Welcome to Metal University

Welcome to Metal University!

At Metal, we understand that cryptocurrency can be confusing. Sometimes it may seem like there are just too many concepts to keep track of, and we totally get that. That’s why we’ve created this free new way to learn about cryptocurrency, money in general, and how to use Metal X.

Our hope is that this website will be a useful tool for you as you start your journey into cryptocurrency. Are you a seasoned crypto veteran? There will be a few topics here that might even be new to you! We’ve designed Metal University to meet your needs no matter where you are in cryptocurrency.

From our glossary, to our in-depth articles, we’ll unpack everything we can about the world of cryptocurrency. Have a suggestion for a future article? Let us know on social media by contacting our Support Team on Twitter: @MetalHelpsMe.

Keep checking back here frequently to see what new articles we’ve added to our University. We’ll keep growing this platform to make it the best place to learn about all things crypto.

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