/ MetalPay

🤘Welcome Everyone to iOS MetalPay Alpha!

Metal Heads,

We've already been testing MetalPay with a small group of users for the past several weeks, and now we're ready to open it up to a bigger audience. In the past we’ve onboarded 10, 20, up to 50 new users with each wave. Today, we turned it up a notch, and invited EVERYONE who has signed up for our mailing list at metalpay.com/alpha.html to join MetalPay alpha.

What does this mean? You’ll be able to check out the app, get all the latest updates, and most importantly - earn Metal! (please note that during alpha testing, all money within the app is purely play money).

What to expect
If you have signed up for our mailing list, you should have received a link to download the latest version of MetalPay alpha on TestFlight. Please follow the instructions within that email to install MetalPay alpha on your iPhone. Once you’re in, create your account and start using the app. It’s that easy!

Haven’t signed up for the mailing list yet? Go sign up now, and you'll be Popping in no time! We'll be sending out new invites daily, so do keep in mind that you may need to wait up to 24 hours to receive your invite.

You can expect weekly updates via TestFlight each Wednedsay. Please make sure to uninstall the app and re-install it through TestFlight with each new update to ensure that you are on the most recent version.

What we need from you
We would love to have you send us any and all feedback. Love the design? Tell us! Find a bug? Let us know! This testing phase is very important to us. Your feedback will help our team fine-tune MetalPay quicker, and that will help us launch the finished product faster. How do you do that? Simple. When using the app, if you see something you love, or something we can improve, simply shake your device to share feedback with us. That's it!

And of course, MetalPay is better when you have someone to test with, so please invite your friends and family to sign up for our mailing list so they can get Popping with you!

Thank you so much for being a tester, and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Metal Team