Important changes are coming to our referral program

Metal community,

Since December, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in our user numbers for Metal Pay. There are now over 30,000 Metal Pay users, and we’re adding hundreds more every day. We’ve just welcomed users in Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

In order to prepare for our next 30,000 users and beyond, we are making an important change to our referral bonus reward. Beginning on February 20th, we are reducing the amount of our referral bonus to $6 worth of Metal currency per eligible sign-up. The bonus will continue to be paid to both you and the person who uses your referral link or code. Also, you still have time to refer friends at the $10 level, so take this opportunity to do just that!

Finally, a reminder: we recently made referring users a lot easier in our latest update! We added the ‘Gift Button’ so you can claim a referral even after the sign-up process, as well as QR Code support. You can read about these features and others in more detail here.

Thanks for all your support and keep it coming!

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