Written by Marlon

On April 23, 2021

Watch the Proton Developer’s Conference: an introduction to the world’s most advanced blockchain

With a project as bold and visionary as the Proton blockchain, you need more than just a blog post to sum it up. That’s why we gathered our team together to explain our vision for Proton, blockchain technology, and the future of finance during the Proton Developer’s Conference.

With exclusive interviews with Marshall Hayner, Raoul Pal, Fred Krueger, Syed Jafri, and more, the Proton Developer’s Conference gives you firsthand accounts of why we created Proton, the problems that Proton solves, and why Proton is the premier blockchain for building the next generation of dApps. You can view the Proton Developer’s Conference on YouTube here.

At the original YouTube link, you’ll find the video with specific timestamps for each part of the conference, making it easier for you to rewind to a part you want to hear twice. Over the course of this 45 minute video, our team will outline how the Proton blockchain works and what it can do, including crypto wrapping, microtransactions, decentralized identity, Proton Resources, and so much more.

Ready to get started building on Proton? Visit our website here to learn more about what you can do when you harness the world’s most advanced blockchain ecosystem for your own project.

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