Written by Marlon

On April 29, 2020

Proton (XPR) Mainnet is now LIVE

We’re thrilled to announce that the Proton (XPR) mainnet is now LIVE and operational. This means that 15 validators, including the core “Proton Consortium” of Greymass, EOS Cafe, Metal, EOS USA, and CryptoLions, are now producing blocks on the new chain.

What does Proton do?

Proton exists to solve the dilemma presented by our modern economy: the clash between identity, privacy, and finance. All too often, we’re forced to sacrifice one – sometimes two – of those concepts to buy anything. For example, writing a check requires that you provide too much of your personal information. Similarly, buying something from an online vendor forces you to give them access to your credit card or bank account – a risky proposition that has ended badly for too many people. Proton fixes this.

By utilizing blockchain technology, Proton is able to verify unique identities, communicate between vendors and sellers, and ensure funds flow only where they’re supposed to go. All of this happens lightning fast and in a hyper-secure environment, an incredible step up from how things are done today.

Additionally, Proton acts as a bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. For too long, finances have been separated into individual bubbles that are hard to break out of. With Proton, funds are able to move between bubbles effortlessly, essentially bridging the gap between all areas of finance.

What should I do next with Proton?

We’re working hard to integrate Proton wherever you use money, protecting your identity, privacy, and finances every step of the way. The next step in this process is letting you reserve your very own @name, which will be used to verify your identity in future transactions.

Getting the @name that you want is very important. Remember how aggravating it can be when you try signing up for an email address or username on a website, only to find that the name you want is already taken? Getting @JohnSmith quickly becomes @JohnSmith14927 – not exactly an attractive username.

Your @name will be incredibly useful in the future we’re creating. All transactions will involve you giving someone your @name, rather than handing over your bank account information. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easily memorable, totally unique @name? Make sure you reserve yours as soon as possible to get the one you want.

To reserve your @name, create a new Proton account, or send and receive tokens, please download the Lynx Wallet at http://lynxwallet.io.

Still have questions about what Proton is or how to reserve your very own @name? Be on the lookout for more content about XPR over on the Proton Twitter account. Got questions for us about how Metal Pay works? Let our Support Team give you a hand.

We have a lot of exciting updates on the way, so stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss a beat. Keep a close eye on our social media accounts to get the latest news and announcements: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.

🤘 Your friends at Metal 🤘

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