Written by Marlon

On April 23, 2020

Proton showcases signing request demo via push notification

Jacob Davis, Proton’s Co-Founder & CTO, showcases the push notification version of Proton’s first signing request demo in the video above. Watch the first demo here in case you missed it.

Jacob makes a real signing request and a real transfer transaction using Metal Pay on the Proton testnet. You can see the transactions register on the block explorer.

In this demo, the Taskly Dapp utilized a new system contract from Proton that allows any verified Dapp to initiate a ESR request on-chain. With a Hyperion Streaming client listening for changes (Metal Push Listener), the request is forwarded via Push Notification to the appropriate user’s wallet.

Greymass’s EOSIO Signing Request (ESR) protocol proposal was used as part of the transport mechanism to make it happen. Greymass is one of Proton’s Steering Committee Members.

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