Written by Marlon

On July 21, 2020

HitBTC lists mainnet Proton

We’re thrilled to announce that HitBTC added support for mainnet Proton (XPRM)! HitBTC is one of the oldest and fastest-growing crypto exchanges!

Please note that the Ethereum (ERC20) version of Proton (XPR)  remains available to trade on HitBTC as well. 

Mainnet Proton addresses are easily recognizable as an @name is used as the address. 

ERC20 addresses are made up of a long, hexadecimal string starting with 0x Example: 0xb63b606ac810a52cca15e44bb630fd42d8d1d83d

The Proton mainnet ticker on HitBTC is XPRM, the ERC20 version will keep the XPR ticker.

The following XPRM pair is available for trading:


The following XPR pairs are available for trading:




About HitBTC:

HitBTC is a crypto exchange that has over 800 trading pairs. The platform created in 2013 provides exchange, custodial, and other related services.

HitBTC offers tools and features that would meet the expectations of even the most demanding and sophisticated traders. Enabling them to engage in real-time trading with low latency, high reliability, and peak performance.

Learn more about HitBTC using their links below:  

Website: https://hitbtc.com/

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/hitbtc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hitbtc

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