Written by Marlon

On May 20, 2020

Announcing Proton Open SDK and Proton Lightweight Wallet

We are excited to announce that, following the completion of the Lynx acquisition and the launch of the Proton mainnet, Metal has begun work on a number of fully open-sourced libraries which will allow developers to easily integrate with the Proton Blockchain. Additionally, we are working on a lightweight Proton wallet that utilizes the Proton Open SDK.

For 18 months, the Lynx wallet has been the gold standard of UI and UX in the dApp World. Now that the company has merged with Metal, we are working on releasing iOS, Android and web libraries which will be open-sourced. Along with this we are working on our very first product together which will be a lightweight iOS and Android wallet utilizing our Proton Open SDK, specifically tailored to the Proton Blockchain. This will be followed by the much anticipated Metal Pay 3.0.

“Our goal with Proton is to give the world the greatest open source universal global fintech platform that includes the very best open-sourced libraries ” said Marshall Hayner, Founder / CEO of Metal. “We will encourage developers to contribute to this codebase, and grow the ecosystem”.

The Lynx team finally feels that the time is right to go open source. “We are thrilled to release the lightweight Proton wallet to the world, but more importantly to provide the Proton Open SDK powering the Proton wallet to the free and open source software community” added Fred Krueger, Founder / CEO of Lynx and now Executive Chairman of Metal. “The lightweight Proton wallet will showcase the core features of the Proton Blockchain proving that the Proton Open SDK can help anyone, including other wallets and apps to integrate with the Proton Blockchain directly, and we welcome this ecosystem growth.

When the Open SDK ships, developers will be able to build and deploy fully functional mainnet applications, at zero marginal cost. We expect the open-sourced libraries to be released first. Soon to follow, the lightweight Proton wallet will be available on the Appstore and Google Play Store. Our long term goal is to create a library of simple examples that can easily be cloned and used to build Proton-enabled applications and websites.

We are also proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Proton website at https://www.protonchain.com

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