🤘🤘 Pop is Live for Alpha Testers!

We are offically turning the Pop switch ON ✅ tonight for our AlphaTesters (about 200 testers who have access to our alpha app updates!)

Our creative and engineering teams have been pulling all-nighters designing and testing our incredibly cool, easy-to-use interface. We thought it would be fun to share what changes we've made for this new Alpha.

As you can see from the video Pop is life-like, slick and fun. It feels alive and that is part of the magic that we are so excited about.

Our sexy welcome page!

That sound ... music to our ears!

👋 Meet our Senior iOs Engineer, Ephraim Russo. He will explain the all exciting updates.


  • PoPP is back and is currently online for Testnet usage! Make plenty of payments during the TestFlight Alpha and you may receive a notification for PoPP! You'll also experience our improved PoPP claiming experience!

  • PoPP has been given a rework to make it front and center when you've earned rewards, and has been moved to fill the Metal Card on the Main screen whenever PoPP is available. We've also added brand new PoPP notifications cards in-app.

  • We now support a ton more devices! The official support list contains the following: iPhones only running iOS 10.0+ including iPhone 5S, SE, iPhone 6, 7, 8, iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, iPhone X

  • The Welcome Screen has been given a touch of animating magic!

  • Onboarding has been given a revamped Identity and Address page to make it easier to enter your information.

  • We've added a shiny new Date picker to the Date of Birth screen!

  • Change Password and Forgot Password features are finally here! When logging in, you'll see a new Forgot Password button. In your Profile, you'll be able to change your password as well. We also require Repeat Password now!


  • Huge security improvements! We now double encrpyt data used throughout the app and secure the Metal Pay app to use Apple's Data Protection capability.

  • We now support payments that failed processing in the History section.

  • Usability and consistency improvements across the board (animations, haptic feedback, positioning, scrolling, modal popups etc).

  • Tons of UI and performance bugs have been thoroughly stepped on and given a proper burial.

  • Huge performance boosts and refactors under the hood to pave the way for incredible new features

🤘 We are incredible excited to share this new update with our AlphaTesters and our community. Stay tuned as we will be sharing videos and comments the next few weeks.