Written by Metal Team

On April 18, 2019

We’ve lowered our fees!

Metal community,

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: our mission is to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. And to this end, we give Metal Pay users the ability to buy and sell from a selection of 16 different cryptocurrencies, Metal (MTL) included.

We also recognize that we are not alone in our quest, and that you may have other options when it comes to choosing the platform you buy your cryptocurrency on. And while we think our slick and simplistic interface is the best in town, we understand that fees likely play a role in your selection process as well.

In other words, it’s not enough to have an amazing looking app. In order to truly succeed in our quest to bring crypto to the masses, we need to have amazing prices as well, AKA low fees. So let’s do this thing.

Effective immediately, all fees associated with buying and selling cryptocurrency on Metal Pay have been reduced to 1%.

How do our fees and offerings compare now? Check it:


So there you have it. It pays to use Metal Pay.

Before we sign off, a small message to those of you who have voiced a desire to withdrawal your crypto so that you can store it on an external wallet: Thank you for your support. We hear you, and please keep following us. This feature is coming!

Until next time!

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