Written by Logan

On December 4, 2021

New coins added to Metal Pay: KDA, LUNA, AVAX, & UNI

The Metal Pay Marketplace continues to grow with the addition of KDA, LUNA, AVAX, and UNI! This brings the total number of cryptocurrencies available on our marketplace to 48, creating even more options for you to buy, sell, send, and receive crypto with the app that you know and trust.

These additions to our Marketplace are part of our continuing commitment to bring Metal Pay users more DeFi cryptocurrencies to choose from. As the broader cryptocurrency economy keeps growing, and legacy finance learns from decentralized finance, we want our users to have as many options as possible. These four cryptocurrencies are widely popular, have a growing community, and are clearly needed in our Metal Pay Marketplace.

Kadena – KDA

Kadena is a layer-one cryptocurrency designed to be efficient, scalable, and affordable to use. With a system of smart contracts, low gas fees, and high throughput, Kadena is positioning itself to be a blockchain that is friendly towards developers. KDA is the native token of the Kadena blockchain, and is used to pay for transaction computation and other services on the Kadena blockchain, similar to how ETH is used on the Ethereum blockchain.

Terra – LUNA

Terra is a popular blockchain protocol that uses a series of fiat-pegged stablecoins throughout their global payments system. Designed to offer the advantages of the relative stability of fiat currencies, combined with the decentralization of cryptocurrencies, the Terra system seeks to find a blend of TradFi and DeFi that is ready to scale. The native token of the Terra blockchain, known as “Terra” but with the ticker of “LUNA,” is used to help stabilize the system of stablecoins in the Terra ecosystem, while also functioning as a governance token for the Terra blockchain.

Avalanche – AVAX

A growing name in the DeFi space, Avalanche is a layer-one blockchain solution that offers a suite of decentralized products, capabilities, and smart contracts. With a blossoming community and an expanding list of partners, the Avalanche blockchain is quickly becoming one of the most widely known projects in the DeFi space. The native Avalanche token, AVAX, is used for transaction consensus, processing network fees, and staking.

Uniswap – UNI

Uniswap became one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in recent years by offering users the ability to swap thousands of cryptocurrencies through their platform. The Uniswap team took much of the world by surprise when they airdropped their native token, UNI, to individuals who had used Uniswap. The UNI token functions as a governance token and lets holders vote on initiatives and changes for the decentralized swapping platform.

Buying Cryptocurrency on Metal Pay

Metal Pay has some of the most competitive fees across the cryptocurrency industry – not only is BTC, TUSD, MTL, and XPR available on Metal Pay for 0% fees, but all other cryptocurrencies start at 1% fees for every transaction. The fees you pay decrease by holding more MTL in your Metal Pay wallet, with users unlocking 0% fees for all transactions once they hit 10,000 MTL in their account.

Additionally, every Metal Pay Cash wallet is FDIC-insured through our partner bank. Combined with the ability to set up a direct deposit, your Cash wallet is one of the most powerful tools to use in the crypto space. Whether you’re buying cryptocurrency with cash deposited into your Cash wallet, a linked debit card, or another cryptocurrency trading pair, growing your crypto stack is easy when you’re using Metal Pay.


Be on the lookout for more content about these cryptocurrencies on our primary social media accounts: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook. Ready to create a Metal Pay account? Visit our knowledge center to find quick guides to everything you need to do. When you’re ready, download Metal Pay on iPhone or Android and experience the best way to use crypto.

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