Written by Logan

On December 17, 2021

New coins added to Metal Pay: FIL, THETA, FTM, AAVE, & CRV

The Metal Pay Marketplace keeps on growing with the addition of FIL, THETA, FTM, AAVE, and CRV! This brings the total number of cryptocurrencies available on our marketplace to 57, bringing our users more options for buying, selling, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency in our easy-to-use app.

These coins add to the whirlwind of additions that our Marketplace has seen in recent days. With new cryptocurrencies added to the Marketplace in just 3 weeks, our Marketplace has been growing at a faster rate than at any other time in the history of Metal. We know that Metal Pay is the best place to use cryptocurrency, and we hope that the addition of these new tokens help introduce Metal Pay to new people as they discover how easy it can be to grow your crypto stack.

Here’s a look at what each of these new cryptocurrencies are all about:

Filecoin – FIL

Filecoin was created to serve as a storage system for “humanity’s most important information.” Unlike traditional cloud storage systems, Filecoin approaches data storage in a truly decentralized manner, allowing anyone to act as data custodians in a way that protects privacy, resists censorship, and keeps files accessible. With a $5 billion plus market cap, Filecoin is currently the 34th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Theta – THETA

Theta was built with video streaming at the core of its mission. With a peer-to-peer solution for sharing the cost of bandwidth and computations, Theta seeks to make video streaming more accessible by keeping it decentralized. The Theta token works on this proof-of-stake blockchain by powering the internal ecosystem. With a $4 billion plus market cap, THETA is currently the 40th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Fantom – FTM

Fantom functions as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) smart contract system known for extremely fast transaction times. The FTM token allows for staking, transaction fees, and block rewards within this blockchain ecosystem. With a $3 billion plus market cap, FTM is currently the 45th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Aave – AAVE

An extremely popular cryptocurrency lending site, Aave is one of the more popular DeFi platforms of 2021. The AAVE token functions as a governance token for this protocol, allowing holders to stake for rewards and vote for internal decisions. With a $2 billion plus market cap, AAVE is currently the 58th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Curve DAO – CRV

Curve DAO is a decentralized stablecoin exchange that uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) framework. The CRV token is used to vote for governance decisions and to reward liquidity providers for the Curve ecosystem. With a $1 billion plus market cap, CRV is currently the 75th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Buying Cryptocurrency on Metal Pay

With some of the most competitive fees in the cryptocurrency industry, Metal Pay is the premier place to buy, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency. All trading fees start at just 1% per transaction on Metal Pay, and begin to decrease the more MTL you hold in your Metal Pay Crypto Wallet – even falling as low as 0% fees for all transactions. Plus, we already offer 0% fees for buying and selling BTC, TUSD, MTL, and XPR on Metal Pay.

Additionally, every Metal Pay Cash wallet is FDIC-insured through our partner bank. Combined with the ability to set up a direct deposit, your Cash wallet is one of the most powerful tools to use in the crypto space. Whether you’re buying cryptocurrency with cash deposited into your Cash wallet, a linked debit card, or another cryptocurrency trading pair, growing your crypto stack is easy when you’re using Metal Pay.


Be on the lookout for more content about these cryptocurrencies on our primary social media accounts: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook. Ready to create a Metal Pay account? Visit our knowledge center to find quick guides to everything you need to do. When you’re ready, download Metal Pay on iPhone or Android and experience the best way to use crypto.

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