Written by Metal Team

On July 7, 2017

Metal Token (MTL) is being Distributed!


The Metal Initial Distribution will complete at 12:00am PST Saturday July 8th

What Metal has been up to since the initial sale?

In the time since our initial raise we’ve worked hard to make sure we’ve done everything we can to make the use of the token, security, and integrations are set. We’ve been hard at work but our team genuinely appreciates the patience of those interested in our token.

  • Our token smart contract was created again from scratch and achieved a fantastic score from SmartContractSolutions
  • Integrated the Metal Token natively into MyEtherWallet
  • Added Metal Token to Etherscan for easy blockchain monitoring
  • Provided guidance to all original participants to receive tokens properly
  • Provided exchanges with documentation about our contract and token

What does the distribution look like?

  • PoPP Issuance: 26,341,112 MTL
  • New # of coins in Circulation: 21,088,888 MTL
  • Operation Pool for Metal Project total: 13,378,888 MTL (locked for one year)
  • Employees/Advisors: 3,780,000 MTL (vested per person)
  • Metal Foundation: 2,000,000 MTL (To assist projects, partners and companies for onboarding)

Grand Total: 66,588,888 MTL


We’re working with exchanges, and communicating about MTL contract details and sending test tokens. We’ve been getting a very positive response. It’s not considered standard practice to announce integration until it happens, so we must allow the exchanges to make these announcements first. We will keep users posted and as always join our slack for the most real-time information.

Thank You To All of the Community

We want to thank our great community that has been incredibly positive and supportive. We appreciate everyone’s patience and all those who have helped along the way. If you haven’t already visit http://metalpay.com and join our Slack (or Telegram). Also, don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Metal Team

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