Written by Logan

On March 25, 2020

Metal Pay welcomes TRON (TRX) to our Marketplace

Cable companies dictate what TV shows viewers can watch in their living rooms. Record labels decide which artists can release albums and when they can do so. Movie studios determine release dates for new films. In all of these examples, the larger corporations charge consumers for each type of content, giving the artists and creators a very small amount of any profits that are made.

But what if there was a different way? Imagine a world where listeners can pay artists directly for their music, cutting out the need for studio executives. What if you could pay content creators for the work that they’ve done, dodging the fees that are charged by larger corporations? This is part of the vision that TRON (TRX) has for the future of entertainment systems, data storage technology, and the global economy more broadly.

This week, we’re excited to add TRON to our expanding cryptocurrency Marketplace. We were intrigued by all that TRON has set out to do, and we think that our users will be interested in this project, too. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative cryptocurrency project and to find out what the Metal team is doing with the Tron team this week.


What is TRON?

TRON is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology designed to bridge the gap between consumers and content creators. The goal of the TRON team is to create a better way to share content, store data, and perform transactions, all of which is done within the TRON network. Transactions on the TRON network are completed using its own native cryptocurrency, known as Tronix (TRX).

Direct to Consumer

At the beginning of this article, we gave examples of how larger corporations charge sometimes outrageous fees for delivering content from creators to consumers. TRON seeks to build a better way for content creators to share their work by building a global digital ecosystem tailor-made for data storage and sharing. Within the TRON network, consumers can make small micropayments to access various forms of entertainment or data more broadly. Nearly all fees paid goes directly to the content or data creator, drastically reducing the price of that content.


Fast, Scalable, and Accessible

Unlike older systems that are struggling to keep up with demand, the TRON network was built to handle global demands. With nodes located around the world, TRON is accessible in many places that traditional data sharing systems are not. Additionally, the TRON network boasts an impressively consistent transactions per second (TPS) rate of over 2,000 – nearly 10 times faster than the Ethereum network, and over 300 times faster than the Bitcoin network. These fast transactions, combined with a highly effective smart contract, make the TRON network an adaptable, scalable, and available blockchain platform.

What is Tronix (TRX)?

The native cryptocurrency of the TRON network is Tronix (TRX). People can use TRX to pay content creators directly for any content that they may want to access. Because of the very nature of TRX, and the TRON network itself, micropayments are possible in a way that traditional fiat money doesn’t allow.

The easiest way for people to buy and sell TRX is through the Metal Pay Marketplace, where fees are competitively low and the design is seamless and hassle-free. Additionally, Metal Pay allows users to send cryptocurrencies like TRX to their friends. No messy wallet addresses, no worries – just tap a contact, choose the amount, and send some crypto to brighten someone’s day.

Consistently ranked within the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, TRX is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency that brings something unique to the Metal Pay Marketplace.


Metal Pay and TRON

This week, we’re teaming up with our friends at TRON to teach our users more about their innovative project, and to teach their users about the Metal Pay experience. We believe that our communities have a lot to learn from each other, and we can’t wait to start making introductions.

Ready to see what the hype is all about? Download Metal Pay and see how easy it is to buy, sell, send, and receive TRX. While you’re there, check out all of the other cryptocurrencies we have to offer, as well as our innovative Discovery section.

As you can see, we were impressed with what the TRON team has built, and we can’t wait to see where they go next. We think this is the start of a beautiful friendship between Metal and TRON, and we’re excited that our communities will finally get to meet each other. Still have questions about what TRON is or what it can do? Be on the lookout for more content about Tron in the Discover section of the Metal Pay app, as well as on our social media accounts: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.

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