Written by Logan

On March 29, 2021

Metal Pay is coming to Washington!

Metal Pay is coming to the state of Washington! This is a big moment for us: the specific regulatory challenges at play in the state of Washington make it difficult for a cryptocurrency company to operate there. Our team has been hard at work for a long time proving that we’re up to the task, and the regulators in Washington now agree!

By gaining a money transmitter license from the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, Metallicus has now been approved to offer financial services to people living within Washington. This means that the Metal Pay family can now grow from the shores of Seattle to the mountains of Spokane. We’re working around the clock to turn this feature on for Washingtonians, we’ll let you know when we do!

By signing up for Metal Pay, Washingtonians gain access to one of the most dynamic ways to buy, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency. With over 40 different cryptocurrencies offered in our in-app Marketplace, you have lots of options to choose from. Buying and selling cryptocurrency costs no more than a 1% fee – that’s lower than most other crypto marketplaces. We also offer BTC, MTL, and XPR for 0% fees, and we offer lower fees on all cryptocurrency when you own more MTL.

Did we mention that Metal Pay lets you send and receive cryptocurrency for free? That’s right, there’s no charges when you send crypto to a friend on Metal Pay. You can also send cash, too, but we just think crypto is cooler. Can you blame us?

Got questions about signing up for Metal Pay? Check out the Metal University section of our website to get easy-to-read guides for everything you need to do. Feel free to reach out to our world-class Support Team any time if you need a little extra help, you can find them on Twitter here or reach them by email: Support@MetalPay.com

Welcome to the Metal Family, Washington!

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