Written by Logan

On December 19, 2019

Metal Pay for Android

Since our inception, our goal has been to revolutionize the finance industry and make banking, cryptocurrency, and payments easier than ever and accessible to all. That’s why we’ve always had our eyes set on Android, not just iPhone.

Our team has put in extra work to ensure the app functions properly on all sorts of Android devices – a different task than designing an app solely for iOS. Today we’re excited to give the community an update on where we’re at, what’s left to do, and what to expect next.

Our update today centers on Metal Pay for Android. Sometimes it helps to get an extra set of eyes on what you’ve been working on, which is why we’ve offered some of our users a sneak peek of Metal Pay for Android. These community testers are helping us push the limits of the app, find areas for improvement, and make adjustments where needed. We feel good about what we’ve created, which is why we’ve moved Metal Pay for Android forward to be listed in the Google Play Store.

With this being an ongoing work in progress, there may be a few bugs that you find. Nevertheless, we think you’ll enjoy getting a taste of what Metal Pay is and why our users keep coming back.

It’s important to keep in mind that any money you spend within this app is real money, supplied by your own bank account.

Let’s go over what features are available, and what features we’re still working on, in Metal Pay for Android.


Send and Receive Cash Payments

Metal Pay was created first and foremost as a payment app, which is why cash payments was one of the first functions to come online for Android users. Users with this version of the app can send and receive cash from others users effortlessly, with the same beautiful design we’ve been known for. With the ability to send and receive funds from any user, whether Android or iOS, users across devices are now all on the same page.

Send and Receive Cryptocurrency – Limited!

We’re itching to give Android users the ability to send and receive all cryptocurrencies listed on our Marketplace, but this version of the app is not quite there yet. For now, Android users can send and receive MTL with users from both Android devices and iOS devices.

Receive Rewards – Pop

One of the core features of Metal Pay is our unique reward system. Users have come to love the way that they earn MTL, known as Pop, just for using the app. We have a feeling that new Android users will love Pop too, which is why we’ve rolled it out for this version of Metal Pay for Android.

Linked Bank Accounts

Sending that first initial bit of money from your bank account to your cash wallet is crucial if you want to make payments quick and easy. That’s why the Android version allows users to link their bank account and start shifting money over. Check out just how easy it can be to link your bank account to your Metal Pay app and start living life the Metal Pay way.

Payment History

Trying to find proof that you really did pay your friend back for lunch? Looking for the name of that great coffee house you went to last week? Wondering just how much money you spent last night while you were out? Metal Pay for Android offers a detailed payment history for all users; no need to stress over keeping track of your transactions when everything is ready to view right in the app.

Discover the Discover Section

If you haven’t used Metal Pay before, then you might not know just how fun the Discover section of the app can be. Read the latest Metal Pay blog post (like this one!), check the latest cryptocurrency news, or learn something new about crypto. Our Discover section is one of the most interesting parts of Metal Pay – it’s probably cool enough to be an app all by itself. Users with the Android version can already start scrolling through the Discover section of Metal Pay to see what the hype is all about.

Growing Availability

Metal Pay for Android is available wherever the iOS version of Metal Pay is available. Our goal is to offer Metal Pay to all 50 states in the US and to international markets as well. We’re constantly working to bring Metal Pay to more people, and we won’t rest until the whole world can experience the Metal Pay difference.

Currently, Metal Pay for Android is available in the following US states:


One Thing Left To Do: Marketplace

We know that our innovative Marketplace is an attractive feature of Metal Pay. Not only does it make buying and selling cryptocurrency easier than ever, but our industry-low fee structure provides a way to buy and sell cryptocurrency with 0% fees. The Marketplace is currently unavailable Android version, but it’s our highest priority for development. We want to give our Android family the chance to enjoy cryptocurrency to the fullest extent, which is why we’re working around the clock to bring this part of the app online.

How You Can Help

Since we’re still improving this product and making it the amazing experience you’ve come to expect, there may be a few bugs here and there that we need to work out. If you see anything that just doesn’t look right, or find something that could be improved, feel free to send us some feedback about that. The easiest way to do that is by shaking your device while the app is open – this gives you the option to send us screenshots or screen recordings of what you’re seeing. Alternatively, you can always just give us a shout on one of our social media channels.

Ready to give the Metal Pay for Android a try? Open up the Google Play Store to download the app and take it for a spin.

We know this is a lot of information to take in at once, so feel free to read this post a couple of times to let it really sink in. Still have questions? Drop us a line on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Steemit

🤘 Your friends at Metal 🤘

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