Written by Logan

On November 6, 2020

Metal Pay 2.6 is now available

Our team has been hard at work finding ways to make Metal Pay better, faster, and safer than ever before – which is why we’ve released version 2.6.0 for iOS! With this update, Metal Pay continues its trajectory of redefining how integrated cryptocurrency and personal finances can be.

Our newest version of Metal Pay for iOS focused on improving the user experience. From an easier way to sign in and sign up, to improved trading views, we’re continually tweaking and improving Metal Pay to make it the best app available. Keep reading to get the quick updates on why you should update your app to version 2.6.0.

Sign in with Apple ID

We’ve integrated our sign-in process with Apple ID to make it easier than ever to get into your Metal Pay account! When seconds matter and you’re trying to get in, make a purchase, and get out, using your Apple ID ensures this whole process runs smoothly. Opt to use your Apple ID and enjoy reduced sign-in time, faster movement in and out of the app, and an overall better experience.

We’ve also made slight improvements to the general sign-up process, eliminating minor hiccups that someone might experience when creating an account. Granted, the total number of people who hit a blocker when signing up for Metal Pay is shockingly small, but we won’t accept any slowdowns whatsoever. If you notice a way that sign-ups can be better, let us know – we just might make that improvement in time for version 2.7.0.

Trade Smart, Trade Better

The more information and tools at your disposal, the more likely you are to make the right trades. That’s our philosophy when it comes to cryptocurrency, which is why we’re always searching for ways to improve the crypto buying and selling experience. With iOS version 2.6.0, we’re rolling out enhanced trading screens whenever you’re buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Our hope is that these enhanced trading screens give you an edge when making your move. These are exciting times to be in cryptocurrency, and we want all of our users to feel capable of making trades and to be confident in their decisions. As a reminder, you can still buy Bitcoin, TUSD, XMT, and XPR for 0% fees on Metal Pay – which means the time has never been better to grow your stack.

Other Updates

Although you might not notice too many differences, we’re always making small adjustments and improvements to your overall user experience. Still, we’re constantly searching for ways to improve every last pixel of Metal Pay. Spot something you think we should change? Feel free to contact our Support Team on Twitter and let them know!


We update the app regularly to bring you the best possible experience using Metal Pay.

Let us know what you think in the app by just shaking your device. Alternatively, you can always drop us a line on our main social media account: Twitter – Instagram – Facebook

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