Written by Logan

On September 24, 2020

Metal Pay 2.5 is now available!

We love finding ways to make cryptocurrency easier for you to use, which is why we’re thrilled to bring Metal Pay 2.5.0 to our iOS users. With this update, Metal Pay takes another step closer to our vision for how integrated cryptocurrency and personal finances should be.

Our newest update for Metal Pay brings tiered sign-ups, which is a major step forward for our platform. Additionally, we’ve created a way for users to opt-in or opt-out of having their Metal Pay account publicly searchable, giving you control over your privacy. We’ve also ironed out a few other bugs, improved the overall backend performance, and made a few visual changes here and there. Keep reading to learn why we think this update is a big deal.

Tiered Onboarding

Traditionally, people who sign up for Metal Pay have to provide their personal information to get access to our platform. While we take every effort to keep your personal details secure, we understand that some people don’t want to provide this information to a company that they don’t fully know yet. As a result, potential users have had no way to try out Metal Pay without creating a full account.

With tiered sign-ups, we’ve found a new way to navigate this. People signing up for Metal Pay can provide their email address and name to have visual access to the Home screen, Payments screen, QR Scan, Discover tabs, and their Profile. They can also see any payments that may have been sent to them that are waiting to be claimed. All of this can be unlocked in just a minute or two – one of the fastest sign-up experiences in the industry.

Like what you see? Then you can take the next step and provide your residential address and verify your legal name, which unlocks the Crypto Card. At this point, if Metal Pay isn’t available where you live, you’ll be entered into a queue to be notified when we become available in your area. When you gain access to the Crypto Card, you gain the ability to buy and sell 35+ cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies with mainnet capabilities, and send and receive cryptocurrency instantly and without fees. Curious about any of these steps? Check out our how-to for this Card.

The next step is to unlock banking features, which can be done by verifying your ID and providing your SSN. Users who take this step receive an FDIC-insured Cash card and can enjoy the full Metal Pay experience – one that combines traditional finance with cryptocurrency. Additionally, you get the privilege of sending and receiving cash payments for free, the option of linking a debit card for payments, and the ability to earn crypto rewards for sending and receiving cash. We have a helpful guide that can walk you through each of these steps to get you in the door and on your way.

Note: users can unlock all of these tiers at once by providing all of their information when signing up, there’s no need to go step-by-step if you’re wanting to start using Metal Pay as soon as possible. Users who choose to unlock the Crypto Card will only complete the steps necessary for that level; users who opt to unlock the Cash Card will complete all steps for both the Crypto and Cash Cards, receiving access to the full Metal Pay experience.

Find a Friend

Want to slide some cryptocurrency to a friend? With this update, that’s as simple as searching for their name in the app! If they’ve elected to be publicly searchable, their name will appear in the results; if you’ve sent something to them before, that’ll boost them to the top. Wanting to stay more low-key? You can choose to stay off of those search results and maintain your privacy – it’s entirely up to you.

For example, let’s say you want to send Marshall Hayner some Proton. Just pull up the search function of the app, start typing in his name, and his profile should pop up on your screen. Don’t worry about sending Marshall any Proton, though – it should be the other way around.

Change Your Info

We know that sometimes your personal information changes, and we don’t want that to create any headaches for you. That’s why this update also brings the ability to change your email address and phone number, without the Support Team needing to get involved. That means you don’t have to keep checking that cringey childhood email that you made in 8th grade. We all have one of those, right?

Moving Internationally

We’ve been working hard to expand Metal Pay internationally, and tiered onboarding is a major step in this direction. Every country has different regulations surrounding how financial companies can operate, which is a roadblock to anyone trying to expand internationally. By offering tiered onboarding, we can begin to allow people in select countries to access the cryptocurrency side of Metal Pay. Later, once we’ve navigated the complex regulatory environment of different countries, full banking features can come online. Until then, international users can enjoy the easiest way to use cryptocurrency in the world.

We anticipate offering Metal Pay to users throughout the European Union in the next update, so keep a close eye on our updates to catch that announcement.

Other Updates

We’ve also made a few quick changes to the overall user experience, cleaned up the user experience, and improved the overall appearance of the app. You may not notice the changes we’ve made, but we’re always on the lookout for any way that we can improve your experience on Metal Pay. Spot something you think we should change? Feel free to contact our Support Team on Twitter and let them know!


We update the app regularly to bring you the best possible experience using Metal Pay.

Let us know what you think in the app by just shaking your device. Alternatively, you can always drop us a line on our main social media account: Twitter Instagram Facebook

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