Written by Logan

On October 1, 2020

Metal Heads-up – September 2020

The dog days of summer are finally over. The weather is cooling off, being outside feels a little bit nicer, and we’re one day closer to that comfy sweater weather. We know that in a few months we’ll be missing summer again, but for now it’s fun to pretend that everything is just going to get better and better, right? Wishful thinking is nice, but we have some actual updates to give you that are real and here to stay, so let’s dive right in to see what’s new at Metal.

Metal Pay – Version 2.5 Launches for iOS

We’ve recently added Metal Pay 2.5 to the Apple App Store, and this one is a fun update. Metal Pay users with this version can now enjoy searching for a friend on Metal Pay in the app – allowing you a quick way to slide your friend some crypto as payback for lunch. Additionally, this version of the app brings tiered onboarding to you, making it easier than ever to sign-up.

Tiered onboarding means that you don’t have to provide your personal information the moment you sign-up; instead, you can make an account in the app, look around, and then provide more information when you’re ready to receive an FDIC-insured Cash wallet, an account/routing number, and full access to our cryptocurrency Marketplace. That means that getting a friend to try Metal Pay has never been easier.

Proton – Staking, Swapping, and Proton Wallet

Ready to start growing that Proton stack you have sitting around? With our newly launched Proton Wallet, it’s never been easier to stake your XPR, vote for block producers, and enjoy a payout in XPR every 24 hours. Check out our helpful guides here to learn how to swap your Proton and get started today!

Our Proton Wallet was built to be functional, fast, and free. Creating an account is always free, and so is moving your Proton between wallets – that means no gas fees, no lag time, no headaches. Additionally, we’ve built out our support articles to give you step-by-step written and video instructions for every part of this process, which you can find here.

Company Updates – Proton is integrated into Ubitquity

The Proton Blockchain offers a secure, fast, and capable way to move information, show ownership, and push financial transactions. The team at Ubitquity must have understood our vision, which is why they’ve integrated the Proton blockchain into their services. This means that people who purchase real estate through Ubitquity now have their transaction backed up by the powerful Proton blockchain – a testament to the flexibility of blockchain technology to improve how age-old transactions are done.

In Case You Missed It…

–  Our Executive Chairman, Fred Krueger, has recently become the number four most influential user on Real Vision, an exclusive social network popular among investors and people in the financial industry. Way to go, Fred!

–  We celebrated our 2nd birthday as a company recently! No birthday parties this year, we’re all still practicing social distancing. We’ll just have to make up for that when we turn three.

–  One of our users recently recreated our logo by welding it in his shop, and we can’t think of a better medium for Metal than actual metal.


Read more about what’s been going on at Metal by checking out the Blog section of our website – there’s lots that we couldn’t fit in this update. As always, keep an eye out for more updates by checking Discover in the Metal Pay app, and following us on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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