Written by Metal Team

On September 29, 2019

Metal Heads-up — September 2019

Whoa, what happened to September? The phrase “lazy days of summer” has absolutely no meaning around here. We’ve been putting the pedal to the… well, metal on nonstop product developments, and having a ton of fun along the way. We’ll talk about all that good stuff in just a minute, but first, we need a few seconds to catch our breath.

Baby Steps

Metal Pay just celebrated its first birthday in the iOS App Store on September 14th. A year is both a long time and a short time, depending on how you look at it. If Metal Pay were a human baby, it would probably be learning to take its first steps, maybe saying a few words, and covering its face in mashed food. Our baby is paying rewards to you and your friends, exchanging 20 cryptos, and bringing you the latest news about all things blockchain.

And just like every parent with a baby has ever experienced, people always ask, “When are you going to have another one?” Well, as you all know, we’re really far along in that process. We’d love to tell you our due date, but unlike human babies, it’s a bit more complicated. Let’s just say, we’re painting the nursery walls, assembling the crib, and doing a lot of breathing exercises. Sorry if that analogy got a little weird just now — we’re just so excited (and maybe a little nervous).


Nano Nano

In September, we added an exciting new token to the Metal Pay Marketplace. Nano is unique in many ways, since its underlying architecture is so different from traditional blockchain-based currencies. These differences make using Nano faster and cheaper than many other tokens, and we think it has a really bright future. We published a blog post explaining the structure of Block Lattice, the technology that drives Nano’s distributed ledger. Nano also happens to be backed by an amazing and responsive team, some of whom we’ve gotten to know over the past month. It’s really amazing to discover so many brilliant projects being built by some of the nicest and smartest people you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet. That’s why we love this industry!


HODLing has its benefits

Earlier this month we updated our fee scheduled as promised, building out more utility for our MTL token through incentivized holding. Users are now granted a fee reduction for buying and selling cryptocurrency in proportion to their in-app MTL balance. The more MTL you hold, the larger your discount – up to the point of paying no fee at all if you hold at least 10,000 MTL. The full table is provided below. Also, if you’re already holding MTL in a wallet or on an exchange outside of Metal Pay, and aren’t interested in purchasing more, don’t worry! Mainnet deposits are on the way, which will give you the opportunity to transfer your MTL onto Metal Pay and take advantage of this discount.

New Fee Structure

What’s new from the developer den?

We launched the 1.9.0 version at the end of August, and just a week later, BOOM, we were already out with 1.9.1.

With this pair of updates, we’ve made a bunch of improvements:

  • We added the ability to send and receive nearly all of our 20 supported cryptocurrencies.
  • We rebuilt the system to add new currencies, so you should see many more new tokens added in the near future.
  • If you’ve recently changed your phone number, you don’t need to send a support ticket to login. Now you can just use your email address!
  • We redesigned the welcome screens as part of our plan to roll out a simplified onboarding process, which will make it easier for your friends to join Metal Pay.
  • We made the app even faster than before, so you can get right back to what you were doing.

We always keep the app shiny and minty fresh to bring you the best possible experience using Metal Pay.


Personal Finance For All

Our banking technology provider Plaid published a case study about us this month, and when you read it, it’ll make you glad you use Metal Pay. If you don’t know what Plaid is, that’s because it is seamlessly integrated into so many financial services apps that it becomes virtually invisible. Remember when you linked your bank account without having to look for your account and routing numbers, and simply logged in with the credentials you already knew? That’s Plaid, and they’re simply awesome.

“Our growth wouldn’t have been possible without Plaid. If we had asked users to dig out their checkbooks, if we had asked them to verify microdeposits, many of them never would have completed our signup flow.”

Marshall Hayner
Founder & CEO, Metal


Our First Scholar

Congratulations are in order for Pallab Paulli for receiving our first scholarship with the backing of our partner TrustToken! He’s finishing his degree in computer science and is looking forward to making contributions to the blockchain technology space. We anticipate great things from you, Pallab!

“Winning this scholarship and talking with Erik has been a great experience. The scholarship will definitely help me by allowing me to have more time to work on personal crypto-related projects. A big thank you to Erik, Metal Pay, and TrustToken!”


Fresh Faces

September brought with it some incredible new talent at Metal. We’re welcoming Alyssa in Design, Kirsten in Finance and Jesie in Compliance. We’re excited to have them on board, and they’re already off and running doing outstanding work — some of which you’ll see soon, and some of it behind the scenes, making our company stronger and more nimble.


Tokens are hot! 🔥

With crypto P2P a reality in Metal Pay, we want to highlight tokens for September survey. We found an average of 83% of users are excited about the new addition of tokens.

Our next question was which tokens should we add next. You had a lot of great ideas, some of which we’re already considering, and others we’re planning to explore. Now that we’ve streamlined the process of adding new tokens to the Marketplace, we expect to bring you a lot of exciting options in the coming months.


Watch this space to see which ones we pick soon.

Our October survey is all about the Discover section of Metal Pay! Have you visited it lately?

As always, you can stay on top of everything happening at Metal by checking out the Blog section of our website. Keep an eye out for more updates by checking Discover in the Metal Pay app, and following us on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Steemit

🤘 Your friends at Metal 🤘

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