Written by Logan

On October 31, 2020

Metal Heads-up – October 2020

Can you feel it? Just as the weather is starting to cool off, the cryptocurrency industry is heating up with a whirlwind of updates and news stories. Big players are fully embracing cryptocurrency, skeptics are finally joining the winning team, and the IRS is making crypto tax laws just a bit less murky. Taken together, things are shaping up to be a lot of fun moving into Autumn. This trend is continuing at Metal, too – updates, advances, and new partnerships are bringing us leaps and bounds closer to our goal of reinventing the way that people use crypto. Here’s a quick rundown on what happened at Metal during the month of October.

Metal Pay – Chainlink and Stablecoins

Users recently enjoyed the addition of some very important new coins to our Metal Pay Marketplace: Chainlink (LINK), USDT, USDC, and PAX. First, let’s talk about Chainlink; adding this coin gives our users access to one of the hottest, fastest growing cryptocurrencies on the market. Additionally, adding three new stablecoins at once is part of our ongoing efforts to increase access to cryptocurrency for both individual and institutional investors. With numerous stablecoins offered on Metal Pay, our users have more options at their disposal than ever before.

Proton – Web SDK and Real-World Functions

October had a lot of progress for Proton, including a demonstration of Proton’s real-world functionality for push transactions. This is a core feature of Proton and part of our larger vision of using Proton in all areas of finance in the near future. Additionally, we released the Web SDK of Proton so block developers around the world can track our progress and join in the fun. We want to see more people join our effort to recreate the financial system, and this release is a major step in that process.

Company Updates – Mainnet Launch of Metal

This month saw the very important launch of the mainnet version of Metal – now known as XMT. Launching on our very own Proton Blockchain, XMT will enjoy instant transactions, zero fees for transactions, full functionality within the Proton Wallet, and better adoption across our ecosystem. For our users who have been patiently waiting for more updates regarding MTL, we hope the switch to XMT signals our continued commitment to building this cryptocurrency project.

In Case You Missed It…

  • Our CEO, Marshall Hayner, recently sat down for a fireside chat with the team at Zcash! With lots of talk about the early days of Bitcoin, the vision for cryptocurrency in the future, and how money itself is changing, this is a video worth checking out.
  • We hosted a giveaway recently to celebrate Metal Pay gaining more trading pairs than ever before! Be sure to keep a close eye on our social media pages, we have more giveaways on the way soon.
  • Our Executive Chairman, Fred Krueger, recently took a deep-dive into how blockchain can improve how we vote in elections, and the role that Proton can play in this.


Read more about what’s been going on at Metal by checking out the Blog section of our website – there’s lots that we couldn’t fit in this update. As always, keep an eye out for more updates by checking Discover in the Metal Pay app, and following us on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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