Written by Logan

On June 30, 2020

Metal Heads-up — June 2020

Is it just us, or is it feeling hotter outside these days? Not only did the month of June see record heat around the world, but there was also a giant dust cloud from the Sahara Desert that blew across the Atlantic – because apparently anything can happen in 2020. Fortunately, it led to decreased hurricane formations and some beautiful sunsets, which is a good reminder that every sand cloud has its silver lining.

While the mercury is poppin’ around the world, so too is everything we’re doing at Metal. From Metal Pay, to Metal X, to Proton, we have a lot to update you on from this month. In this month’s Metal Heads-up, we’ll be taking a quick look at everything we’ve done for you in the month of June, and everything we’re excited about next.

Metal Pay – New Cryptocurrencies, Big Giveaways

We were excited to add two new cryptocurrencies to our growing Marketplace in the month of June: TomoChain (TOMO) and Dai (DAI)! As if that’s not enough for one month, we also kicked off some giveaways through partnerships with some of the most fun and entertaining figures in the cryptocurrency industry, including CryptoCharlesCryptoDale, and CryptoFinally. These are exciting ways to meet new people, give cryptocurrency to our users, and have a little extra fun. You didn’t know we’re doing giveaways? Keep a close eye on our social media channels so you can participate next time!

We continue to build out Metal Pay as the premier way to buy, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency on your phone. Next on deck for Metal Pay are new cryptocurrencies being added into our Marketplace, more progress on Metal Pay 3.0, and continued work on Metal Pay for Android.


Metal X – International Expansion

Perhaps the biggest news for Metal this month centered on the expansion of Metal X into an international market. With the addition of traders in 24 countries around the world, we’ve increased the liquidity on our order books, made our exchange faster and more powerful than ever, and extended our reach to untapped markets. Our vision for cryptocurrency is a global economy that everyone can participate in, and this brings us one giant leap closer to that future.

We continue to build on and improve Metal X – from the content provided on the Metal University website, to the cryptocurrency offerings in our exchange. Look for more cryptocurrencies to be added, more knowledge articles to be offered, and news about a referral program to drop in the coming weeks. Pay close attention to that last item: you won’t want to miss out on what we’re building for you.

Proton – Podcasts, Blockproducers, and Credibility

Did you know that Proton has a podcast? Led by our CEO, Marshall Hayner, or another member of our team, The Proton Podcast is a great way to hear from different industry experts, figures, and visionaries about all things crypto. This month saw Zaki Manian (founder of Iqlusion) and Isaiah Jackson (author of Bitcoin And Black America) as guests! Additionally, Proton was able to earn a fantastic credibility rating from Xangle – a reflection of our dedication to building a safe, compliant, and logical vision of finance. Finally, Proton earned the support of Ledgerwise as a block producer on our blockchain, signaling further advances in the reality that we’re building.

In the coming months you can expect to see more activity on the backend for Proton as we build out the future of finance. We’re actively engaging in discussions with the biggest players in the traditional finance industry as we establish partnerships, build pathways, and create a better way to use money.

Read more about what’s been going on at Metal by checking out the Blog section of our website – there’s lots that we couldn’t fit in this update. As always, keep an eye out for more updates by checking Discover in the Metal Pay app, and following us on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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