Written by Metal Team

On June 30, 2019

Metal Heads-up — June 2019

Hey friends of Metal Pay! Got any exciting summer plans coming up? We sure hope so. Summer is supposed to be a time to relax, kick back, enjoy some outdoor activities…and in our case, crunch some code. Yes, while you’re hopefully working on your perfect tan, we’re going to be soaking up the rays from our computer screens as we prepare to launch a whole bunch of new features and apps. Whoa, did we say apps…as in, plural? Yes, we’re going to spend our endless summer putting the finishing touches on our Android and web apps.

School’s out for summer

Final exams are over, but our next big test is about to begin. In preparation for the first batch of Android app alpha testers who we’ll soon be personally reaching out to, we’ll be closing the Android waitlist on Sunday, June 30. If you’re already registered, that’s great news. You’ve got a chance to be one of our first guinea pigs…er, test users.

Our iOS app is also getting some summer love. Here’s a list of some new features you can expect to see in the 1.8.3 release:

We’re getting personal
You’ll now have a personalized QR code with your profile picture to use when you invite your friends.

Feel more secure
You’ll have the option to add a PIN code to secure your account, and we’ll also remind you if you haven’t turned on touch or face ID.

More ways to share
You’ll be able to share any of our Marketplace coins directly with friends via a new embedded share link, and it even counts towards your referral reward when new friends sign up!

That’s just a short list of what’s coming in the next version, and even more tasty new features we’ve been working on will follow in future updates.

An appreciation of our tokens

You probably already know that Metal Pay is hands down the best place to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Metal and many other popular cryptocurrencies. It was never our plan to stop there, and in the coming weeks and months, you’ll see more tokens added to the Marketplace. We’re taking the time to curate the ones we think our community will really like, and we hope you’ll get to know some really amazing projects when they launch.

Our first token announcement is VeChain, an Internet of Things technology platform that uses blockchain verification to provide manufacturers and consumers assurance that products are free from counterfeiting, tampering and mishandling. That expensive bottle of Italian wine you’re looking at…how do you know for sure which region it came from? What were the weather and soil conditions when the grapes were being grown? Was the temperature during shipment too high? Every product has a unique and detailed story to tell, and VeChain is here to bring that to you. We’re excited to add VeChain’s VET token to our Marketplace. You can read more about VeChain in this blog post.

That warm feeling

The June survey results are in, and let us just say… “Wow.” You guys really went way beyond the call. Here’s your response to the question we asked about the type of content we produce.

You’re definitely an information-hungry bunch, and we love that about you. Turns out, you actually like taking surveys too! Who knew?

Speaking of which, you can take our July survey right now and let us know a little about your experience using other crypto apps. It’ll take you less than a minute, but we promise the happy feeling you get from helping us get to know you will last all summer long.

👉 Take the July survey here! 👈

As always, keep an eye out for more updates by checking Discover in the Metal Pay app, and following us on social media at: @metalpaysme

🤘 Your friends at Metal Pay 🤘

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