Written by Logan

On August 2, 2020

Metal Heads-up — July 2020

Ah, the dog days of summer. Everything seems to be getting hotter these days – from the temperature, to the cryptocurrency markets. While we’re seeing record-breaking highs across the United States and around the world, we’ve heard that several altcoins are seeing some new all-time highs as well! Sounds like this is a good time of year to stay indoors and dip your toes into crypto, right? Let’s dive right in and see what’s the latest at Metal.

Metal Pay – 0% Fees and 2.4.0

We know that people are sitting around at home, bored with nothing to do these days, so we decided to spice things up a bit by slashing our fees for buying Bitcoin. By offering 0% fees for buying BTC, TUSD, MTL, and XPR, we think we’ve created a new incentive to grab a bag of your favorite crypto. Remember: we think buying cryptocurrency should be easier than ever – so it only makes sense for us to make it cheaper than ever, too.

While we’re at it, we decided to just keep making things better. That’s why we rolled out Metal Pay 2.4.0, featuring instant crypto purchases, unlimited crypto-to-crypto transactions, and more. Make sure you update your app to get these new features and be sure to poke around to see if there’s anything new from our previous updates that you might have missed.

Metal X – Trading Competitions?

We’ve been playing this one close to the chest for a while, but we thought it was time to give you a heads up: we’re going to have a trading competition soon on Metal X, the prizes are going to be awesome, and this is going to be a lot of fun. We’ll release more details about this next month, but we figured you should prepare yourself for something great.

Proton – Open SDK, Governance Council, and Mainnet Exchanges

Building out the future of finance requires a fundamental shift in the way we approach money, privacy, and security – which is what Proton (XPR) is all about. This month, we announced early beta releases of Proton Open SDK, allowing developers around the world to track what we’re doing, join in our efforts, and start designing a new way to use money. Additionally, we’ve taken the first steps to create the Proton Governance Council, which you can learn more about here. We’re also thrilled to announce that HitBTC has become the first exchange to list the mainnet version of XPR – a milestone in our quest to bring the world this exciting new cryptocurrency. We’re going to keep building out Proton as we revolutionize the world of finance, and we’re so excited that you get to watch this happen from the ground up.

In Case You Missed It…

Yahoo Finance recently did a deep-dive into Proton and the vision we have for the future.
Proton attracted more media buzz regarding our new approach to money.
Blockonomi also released a quick guide to Proton several weeks back that you may have missed.

Read more about what’s been going on at Metal by checking out the Blog section of our website – there’s lots that we couldn’t fit in this update. As always, keep an eye out for more updates by checking Discover in the Metal Pay app, and following us on social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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