Written by Metal Team

On July 30, 2019

Metal Heads-up — July 2019

How’s your summer going? When we published our last exciting edition, we were gearing up for a hot and sweaty few months of app coding and we’re right in the thick of it now. We have so many great new features in the works that we wish this summer would never end…but we know it will.

The end of June saw the closing of the Metal Pay Android waitlist. Since then, many of you have been contacted to verify your interest in testing our upcoming pre-release. We know so many of our are excited about Android and we’re avoiding the sun at all costs to bring it to you! You may have also heard that we’re building a desktop version of Metal Pay as well, so even if your phone falls in the pool, you’ll still be able to pay your friends when you’re back on dry land and earn some Pop.

Releasing Some STEEM


July was also an eventful month for the Metal Pay Marketplace. We introduced the extraordinarily popular community-focused token STEEM, providing a whole new avenue for people to take part in the Steem ecosystem. As we mentioned in our blog, the Steem blockchain lets users retain ownership over their content when they participate in social media, blogging and many other applications. We also allowed Steem to take over the Discover section in the Metal Pay app—a first for us—where we linked to tons of interesting content to familiarize our users with the Steem blockchain and its publishing platform, Steemit. If you need a refresher, you can read up on Steem here.

Speaking Crypto to Congress


Bitcoin passed its tenth birthday earlier this year—which is practically a lifetime in tech years—and interest in it keeps growing at an astonishing pace. What technology besides crypto could have inspired a whole new generation to think about the place of banking and finance in an interconnected society? The same way the Internet of Things has changed our perception of everyday objects, the Internet of Money is changing our perception of everyday commerce. At Metal Pay, we’ve made getting started in crypto easier than it’s ever been, and we think more people should be able to participate in this revolutionary moment in our history.

This month, our CEO Marshall Hayner made a trip to Congress to deliver a message to policy-makers that cryptocurrency is here to stay, and that it’s a benefit to society. Our philosophy is simple: The most important thing we can do right now is to make innovation in financial technology easier. The best ideas being developed right now aren’t coming from the big banks and tech giants, but by engineers, thinkers and dreamers who are rich in talent, but not always in capital. Let’s invest in our future by not putting unnecessary obstacles in front of them, as well as helping to promote social good through cryptocurrency.

Coming Soon to an App Near You


We know you love to see more updates from our developers, so here’s a list of some of what we’re currently working on:

  • Coin prices and rankings, and yes…charts
    You’ll soon be able to see a list of coins by their rankings, volume and market cap, and the long-awaited feature of charts will be arriving as well.

  • Introducing aliases
    Soon, you won’t need to share your phone number when you want to send or receive a payment. We’ll be letting our users choose an alias, so they can get creative and safeguard their privacy at the same time.

  • Group payments
    There are lots of occasions when you need to send a payment to two or more people at the same time. We’ll be turning on a new multiple recipient feature so you can settle up with your friends even faster.

  • Send and receive more than just MTL
    We’ve always said MTL was just the beginning, and we meant it. Soon, we’ll be turning on send and receive options for all of our supported cryptocurrencies.

  • Send exact amounts of crypto
    We’re enabling the ability to toggle between USD and crypto denominations when creating a payment, so you can eliminate all the guesswork.

  • Get notifications about your portfolio
    Let us monitor the prices so you don’t have to. Want to know when one of your portfolio coins is going up or down in price so you can make a buy or sell decision? We’ll have you covered.

We’d Love to Meet Your Friends

In the July survey, we asked you how likely you’d be to bring us home to your family and hang out with your friends, and 83% of you said you would! That’s a pretty good number in our book. It makes us want to take long walks with you on the beach and bring a tasty side dish to your next cookout.

We’re coming for you, remaining 17%!

Speaking of getting to know you better, we just published our August survey, and we can’t wait to hear some more juicy gossip.

👉 Take the August survey here! 👈

Want to Make Your Mark at Metal?


At Metal Pay, we’re shaping a whole new way of looking at personal finance, but what would we be without all the amazing people who make this company function day-to-day? From our department leadership and our legal counsel to our product development and office operations, every member of the team plays an indispensable role in making Metal a truly unique and enjoyable place to work. That, and all the plants.

Here are our current openings:

Product Designer
The ideal Product Designer will have a passion for taking on complex problems and designing elegant, simple solutions that surprise and delight our users. You are someone who has bold ideas about design and thinks of user interaction and the future of technological interfaces.

QA Test Engineer
We are seeking a solutions-oriented QA engineer to test our 3 products: Metal Pay iOS, Android, and Web. With Android and Web versions set to launch soon, now is the time to thoroughly vet our flagship products.

Financial Strategy Manager
We are currently looking for a Finance Strategy Manager who will design and manage FP&A activities, fundraising, oversee the company’s accounting activities, safeguard the assets, and provide financial data to support the executives in decision making.

Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager plays a key role in creating built-for-social content that reaches and engages the right audiences. This is the ideal role for someone who is very self-motivated, creative, analytical and collaborative.

If you are excited about revolutionizing the concept of money, as well as working with a phenomenal team, Metal would love to hear from you.

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