Written by Metal Team

On August 30, 2019

Metal Heads-up — August 2019

Summer’s almost over! We know that it was a scorcher out there, and most of the US saw record high temperatures. We were also setting some records over here at Metal – our cryptocurrency (MTL) was the 6th most traded coin in the world, reached #1 on Binance by 24-hour volume, and hit $41,000,000+ in trading volume. 🔥 Not bad for a lazy, sticky month like August, right?


You can feel the momentum behind Metal – some of our users are calling it Dragon Energy. 🐉⚡️ Whatever you call it, we’re loving it, and we’ve got more fuel for those fires. This month saw some exciting new updates to our app, our website, and our listings, so let’s dive right in and check out what happened in August and what’s coming up next.

Going Stable

We partnered with TrueUSD to add our first stablecoin to our marketplace: TUSD. If you aren’t sure what a stablecoin is, be sure to check out our explainer here. This is a big win for the Metal Pay community, and we’re excited to offer a cryptocurrency that might be more attractive to investors looking for more price-stable options.


Spreading the Love

The outpouring of support from our community has been incredible, and we’ve felt inspired to give back to the people who helped us achieve so much already. That’s why we’ve created the Philanthropic Arm of the Metal Foundation. We’ve partnered with other industry leaders to offer scholarships, giveaways, and other ways to directly help our users and the people in their lives. Check out our social media feeds to learn how you can participate.


Cryptos With Friends

Metal Pay 1.9.0 is here – and you’ll definitely want to download this update. Users can now send and receive cryptocurrency P2P with nearly all of our coins, which is a breakthrough in this industry. We’ve also improved app security and user experience, so you might start noticing things looking tidier around here.

Choose Payment Method

We’re also preparing to roll out charts that will let you track coin marketcaps, ranking, prices, and historical trends – so there won’t be a reason to leave the app for anything cryptocurrency-related. And we haven’t forgotten about you, Android users! The first phase of Android Alpha testing will begin this month, so stay tuned for Android updates.


Can’t Fight That Fee-ling Anymore

We know that nobody likes to pay fees, which is why we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce what you pay and save you money. Starting September 9th, our new fee structure goes into effect, providing incentives and fee reductions for holding even small amounts of MTL. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the new fee structure, but we think you’ll be pretty happy with it – though we can’t say the same for our competition.

New Fee Structure

Back to School

Based on our August survey results, you really like to learn stuff. Which is good, because we like to educate. It’s a big part of our mission to help crypto reach the mainstream. When we asked about your familiarity with crypto, only 58% of you responded in the affirmative, so clearly we’ve still got our work cut out for us. But a whopping 91% of you expressed interest in learning more. Some of the topics you’d like to see in our FAQ include how to earn crypto, and how to avoid getting scammed. We’re working on producing a lot more educational content, and you can be sure we’ll cover these topics!


Earn our Trust

Speaking of back to school, applications for our first cryptocurrency scholarship are now open. We know that college is expensive, and we want to help someone from our community reach their goals without having to stress as much over money. For this scholarship, we’re looking for someone who can tell us what they’re studying, and why they need $1,000 of TrueUSD. See the rules here on how to enter, and send us your entries on why you deserve our first crypto scholarship!


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