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On April 26, 2019

Metal Heads-up — April 2019

Welcome to our new, improved newsletter. In the interest of making the goings-on at Metal Pay more accessible to our growing audience, we’ve decided to change the format from an email to a blog post.

In Da Club


This month, we rebuilt our Ambassador Program so anyone can join the party. Metal Pay Club is now live and accepting applications. If you want to participate in some exclusive challenges and events, win prizes, and most importantly, bragging rights, we look forward to hearing from you. You can sign up here: metalpay.club

Haiku Challenge Winners

Our first Metal Pay Club challenge winners were announced on April 17, International Haiku Day. We asked participants to come up with original haikus about Metal Pay, and they delivered. The three winners split a prize of over $300 worth of MTL. Here they are:




Congratulations, and don’t spend all your MTL in one place.

Android is Coming

Android Waitlist

We finally have an answer to all of those who have been patiently waiting for the release of our Android app. And that answer is:


It’s hard to wait, but it’s a little easier when you know your place in line, and even better, you get many chances to jump the line, just by referring your friends. We launched our Android waitlist site in April, and as of this posting, we’ve received an astonishing number of sign-ups. We’re more excited than ever to bring this app to market, and we’ll be selecting users to begin testing in just a matter of…time.

Down With Fees!

1% Fee

Our biggest announcement this month was our reduction of fees for buying and selling cryptocurrency in the Metal Pay Marketplace. We slashed our fee from 2.44% to just 1%, giving our users the ability to buy any of our 16 supported currencies at rates that routinely beat many other payment apps and exchanges. If you haven’t taken advantage of this new benefit, we hope you’ll give it a try.

News From the Lab

ETH DepositHere’s something fun we’ve been working on. It’s far enough along that we can share a little progress. Last month we conducted a survey, and one of the most frequent suggestions we heard from you is the addition of blockchain deposits and withdrawals. This is no small task when supporting multiple currencies, but we’re hard at work turning this into a reality. Here’s a real Ethereum deposit received by our development app.

That’s a wrap for April. Keep an eye out for more updates by following us on social media at: @metalpaysme

🤘 Your friends at Metal Pay 🤘

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