Written by Logan

On February 23, 2021

Metal Employee Spotlight – Mike Fong and Maria Cho

Everything that we’re doing here at Metal is only possible with the excellent team we’ve built over the last few years. From designing Metal Pay to be the easiest way to buy and use cryptocurrency, to building the Proton blockchain to power the next generation of DeFi and TradFi, our team has been integral to all that we’ve done.

Each month, our employees vote on an Employee of the Month at Metal. This is our way of identifying someone who goes above and beyond their job description, meeting needs wherever they can and finding ways to help our company accelerate and reach new heights. For January 2021 that employee was Mike Fong, and for February 2021 it was Maria Cho.

Let’s take a moment to meet both of them, discover what they do at Metal, and learn more about who they are.

Employee Spotlight: Mike Fong – January 2021

Can you sum up what you do at Metal?
“A little bit of everything that relates to corporate-level reporting of financial statements including accounting for digital assets, money movements, payables and payroll, financial projections, tax and insurance compliance, audit preparation and readiness, equity administration, corporate valuations, etc.”

On a scale of 1 to Marshall, how crazy are you about cryptocurrency?
“I’d be around ‘Marsh’.  If I could get a few more hours into my day to learn more about ‘all’ the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, maybe I’ll come close to Marsh ‘all.’”

What have you done at your job that you’re most proud of?
“Helping the company get through a financial audit covering two fiscal years.”

What’s an activity that you’d recommend everyone do?
“Before logging in for work, any kind of physical activity, walking, running, strength training, to get the day started.”

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?
“The great unknown; whatever life has in store, bring it on!”

What’s your current favorite book?
“Open, the Andre Agassi biography.”

Employee Spotlight: Maria Cho – February 2021

Can you sum up what you do at Metal?
“I handle operations, as well as business development, but I have my hands in just about everything depending on what our needs are as a company.”

What is it that excites you the most about crypto?
“I love that it challenges the traditional financial system and some aspects of it represent freedom and decentralization for everyone and not just the elite.”

What stands out to you that’s different about Metal compared to other places you’ve worked?
“I love the passion that everyone at our company has for our industry and how engaged everyone is on our projects and growth.”

What place feels like heaven on earth to you?
“The Fairmont brunch buffet in Dubai. They have the most beautiful food I’ve seen at a buffet in the perfect warm temperature with the best service; and the most decadent chocolate cake I ever ate in my life.”

What’s your current favorite song?
“Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit”

What’s your guilty pleasure?
“I love to lay on the floor and just zone out sometimes (‘meditating’).”


While all of our employees at Metal are allstars, Mike and Maria stand out as two team players that go above and beyond to help our company succeed! Our success is your success; as we work to integrate DeFi and TradFi and knock down the barriers around cryptocurrency, we’re finding new and exciting ways to make cryptocurrency fun and useful for you.

Thank you, Mike and Maria!

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