Written by Logan

On August 24, 2021

Metal Employee Spotlight – Logan Smith and John Pichay

Every great project is the result of hard work from an all-star team of employees. What we’re building at Metal is no different; our employees work around the clock to bring you the cutting-edge in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With a distributed team around the world, there’s always something happening on the back-end at Metal 24 hours a day.

Each month, our employees vote on an Employee of the Month at Metal. This is our way of identifying someone who goes above and beyond their job description, meeting needs wherever they can and finding ways to help our company accelerate and reach new heights. This year we had a few ties in the voting, which meant that the vote was carried over to the next month. We’re excited to announce that our March 2021 Employee of the Month was Logan Smith, and our July 2021 Employee of the Month was John Pichay.

Let’s take a moment to meet both of them, discover what they do at Metal, and learn more about who they are.

Employee Spotlight: Logan Smith – March 2021

Can you sum up what you do at Metal?
I’m the Content Manager, so I create virtually all of the written copy that comes out for Metal Pay, Proton, and other products. If you see a blog post, social media post, email, push notification, or general text in one of our apps or on one of our websites, there’s a good chance that I wrote it. I also help out with general marketing activities, help work out strategies, and do whatever else I can to make our company vision a reality.

What is it that excites you the most about crypto?
Decentralization is the most exciting part of cryptocurrency in my opinion. The idea that anonymous people can all work together to execute financial contracts, validate data, process transitions, secure information, and so much more – all without a centralized authority enforcing everything – is truly remarkable and going to become increasingly important in the coming years.

What have you done at your job that you’re most proud of?
I’ve had the privilege of writing a significant chunk of some of our upcoming whitepapers, which was a new role for me to grow into. Getting to leave my thumbprint on this part of crypto history is something I’ll always be proud of.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself something on your first day of work here, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to take on larger products earlier on! Even though you were hired as a social media contractor, you can do so much more – so get that ball rolling early!

What’s an activity that you’d recommend everyone do?
Take a walk everyday for at least 45 minutes. It will help you de-stress, it burns calories, it lets you gather your thoughts and solve problems, and it’s one of the oldest life hacks.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?
I’m a huge spaceflight enthusiast, and I’ve been closely following what SpaceX is doing down in Boca Chica. I can’t wait to watch what happens with Starship’s first orbital flight test!

What’s your go-to song?
Upward by Overcrest always makes me feel some type of way.

Employee Spotlight: John Pichay – June 2021

Can you sum up what you do at Metal?
I manage everything that has to do with our people at Metal: HR, Recruiting, Internal Events and IT.

On a scale of 1 to Marshall, how crazy are you about cryptocurrency?
I would say I’m at a 7. Not quite at Marshall’s level yet, but I will get there. I came to Metal with little to no knowledge on crypto and blockchain but throughout my year here, I’ve learned a ton from Marshall and my passionate coworkers.

What stands out to you that’s different about Metal compared to other places you’ve worked?
The passion of our industry and what we do. Everyone here is super passionate about Fintech, crypto and blockchain. When I interviewed with Marshall, I can tell he loves everything about Metal and our industry. He really sold me on the company and our vision. Once I joined, I’ve realized that everyone has the same kind of passion or is passionate about learning more about our space. It’s really motivating to be in this environment and I feel very comfortable asking questions since this is all new to me. The passion makes work more enjoyable and oftentimes I am shocked at how time flies when I work because at the end of the day, it doesn’t feel like work– just passion!

What do you do to de-stress after a long day?
My favorite thing to do is go to the gym and workout. There is no better way to relieve stress than to sweat it out! It keeps my blood pumping and helps me be more active, since I stare at a screen for more than 8 hours a day.

What place feels like heaven on earth to you?
There’s no better place than being home, in your most comfortable spot on Earth.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Mindless reality TV shows.


While all of our employees at Metal are all-stars, John and Logan stand out as two team players that go above and beyond to help our company succeed! Their success is your success; as we work to integrate DeFi and TradFi and knock down the barriers around cryptocurrency, we’re finding new and exciting ways to make cryptocurrency fun and useful for you.

Thank you, John and Logan!

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