Written by Metal Team

On September 21, 2017

Metal Dev Update #1

Hello, we’re happy to announce our first development update!

Web development

It’s been exciting times at Metal as we signed up over 50 testers on our closed alpha last week. We are thrilled to announce no major issues have been found. The team has been working hard on fixing minor bugs and implementing new features.

We’d like to thank all of our closed alpha testers for taking the time to test the application and submit bug reports where necessary.

Here’s the changelog for those interested:

  • FEATURE: QR Code scanner for easily scanning an address you want to send funds to
  • FEATURE: Send maximum amount button to easily sweep a wallet
  • FEATURE: Copy to clipboard for copying a receiving address
  • FEATURE: Dynamic gas limit calculation for
    ERC20 tokens
  • FEATURE: Google authenticator as two-factor authentication method
  • FEATURE: Authy as two-factor authentication method
  • FEATURE: Trezor support for a hardware wallet
  • FEATURE: Import keystore file from MyEtherWallet
  • CHANGE: Added “Settings” tab to wallet for clarity
  • CHANGE: Add wallet screen has been revised
  • FIX: Sending DNT tokens
  • FIX: Trying to send more ETH than you actually owned
  • FIX: Change password error handling
  • FIX: Show a max of 8 decimals for UI purposes
New wallet options

One of the most notable changes is the fact that you can now create a wallet using your Trezor or MyEtherWallet account.

The Trezor option allows you to create a secure hardware-based wallet.

The MyEtherWallet option allows you import a keystore file and basically use your MyEtherWallet inside the Metal application.

This will open the closed alpha for another round of testing while we prepare for the public alpha later this month.

Here’s a screenshot of the new options and the revised “Add wallet” screen:


iOS development

We’re also pleased to announce the addition of two new iOS developers to the team. Please welcome Kenan Pulak and Ephraim Russo.

They are working hard on building the Metal iOS application along with Sid’s awesome design.

Graphics design

Another addition to our team is Brock Nordstrom, a graphics designer that has done some brilliant work in the past for Apple.

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