Written by Metal Team

On September 30, 2017

Introducing The Metal Foundation

When we first started Metal we set out to do something different, to change the world. We quickly realized that beyond changing the way we interact with money, we should also change the way we think about charity and what cryptocurrency can do for the world. We’re very happy to announce over the next few weeks we will be making some major partnership and sponsorship announcements.

Working together with key influencers and brands, The Foundation aims to make an impact for social good through cryptocurrency. With an allocation of 2,000,000 MTL The Metal Foundation will bring awareness to great causes while exposing many to MTL and the supported cryptocurrencies on the Metal Wallet for years to come.

We think that giving is an act that bridges all cultures, and to that end we hope to reach far beyond our little city of San Francisco, CA.

Welcome The Metal Foundation. Let’s do good together.

Marshall Hayner
CEO and Co-Founder of Metal

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