Written by Metal Team

On October 30, 2017

Introducing Metal Vault Alpha

Greetings Metal Tribe!! 🙌 💪 🌅

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally arrived. Metal’s first product release: Metal Vault is now live. Up until today there wasn’t an elegant and simple web client to encapsulate Metal, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and ERC-20.

The times are changing. New technologies are emerging and we’ve yet to see the killer crypto app. Let today: Metal Monday mark the very beginning of our journey into the financial future.

When I think of a wallet I want to use I think: multiple chains, ERC-20 support, private key backups, hardware wallet support, in-wallet exchange solutions, integrated bank account, and most importantly: incentives to participate.

Here are some of the features you will notice in Vault Alpha:

  • Metal, Ethereum, Bitcoin and ERC-20 under one roof
  • Hardware Integration with Trezor & Ledger
  • Private Key Backups
  • Multi-signature
  • Single-signature
  • 2FA Authentication with Google Authenticator
  • 24/7 Live Support

Here are some of the features you can expect in the near future:

  • Integrated Cash wallet for US Customers
  • In-wallet exchange functionality
  • Invoicing capability for Metal and Cash
  • Open API to develop on Metal platform

The Metal Vault marks a change in the way we interact and view cryptocurrency. Please join us in our mission:

To change the way the world views money.

Marshall Hayner
CEO of Metal

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