Written by Metal Team

On September 25, 2019

Hold more MTL, pay less in fees: our new fee structure is live.

Metal community — it’s here! Effective immediately, we have updated our fee structure, giving Metal Pay users a fee reduction for buying and selling cryptocurrency in proportion to their in-app MTL balance. Users will see fee reductions starting at holding as little as 50 MTL, and will pay 0% fees for holding at least 10,000 MTL! See the table below for all tiers.

And of course, these fee reductions apply to all of the available cryptocurrencies on Metal Pay.

New Fee Structure – In Effect Now


Delayed launch

You may have noticed we originally planned to launch this feature on September 9th, but due to some unanticipated technical complexities, we postponed the rollout for two additional weeks. This also allowed our users more time to accumulate MTL to enable the new fee structure in their accounts.

Mainnet deposits are coming

Mainnet deposits — headed your way in an upcoming version — will provide yet another route for users to take advantage of lower fees by simply transferring MTL from an external wallet or exchange to Metal Pay.

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