Written by Metal Team

On February 26, 2019

Get Ready to Ask Us Anything!

On Wednesday, February 27th at 5:30pm PST we will be holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything), on the Binance Telegram (t.me/binanceexchange). Binance is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and we are very excited for the chance to tell such a large crypto audience about our project!

As you may have noticed in the Announcement Tweet, this is an extra special AMA because 1,500 MTL and 5 Metal swag packages are up for grabs! Interested in how you might win some of these awesome prizes? Keep reading!

The first part of the AMA will be a bit non-traditional. We’re flipping the script and asking YOU questions about our company and MTL! We will ask a total of 10 questions, and the first 3 correct responses to each of our questions will receive 50 MTL! If you’re not familiar with our project, you still have some time to study up so that you can answer the questions!

After we wrap up the first part of the AMA, we will transition to the more traditional AMA style, and our CEO Marshall Hayner will be on hand to answer all of your burning questions about Metal. Take some time to think up some really good questions, because it could pay off! At the end of the AMA, the 5 people who ask our favorite questions will each receive a Metal swag package!

Metal Swag Package

The fine print:

  • Limit one 50 MTL award per person.
  • Limit one Metal swag package per person.
  • An individual can win both a 50 MTL award and a Metal swag package.

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