Written by Metal Team

On July 11, 2019

Crypto Trivia LIVE with Steem

Crypto Trivia LIVE — Test your knowledge of Metal Pay and Steem!

Join the Metal Pay team with Steem as our guest for a fast-paced evening of Crypto Trivia on YouTube Live!

We’ll be asking a series of questions about Metal Pay and Steem, and giving out prizes in MTL and STEEM to the winners.

Normally, Crypto Trivia events are restricted to Metal Pay users, but with Steem as our guest, we’re opening it up to existing Steemit users as well!

When the event begins, it will be streamed right here.

Friday, 7/12/2019
6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

Metal Pay

Instructions for Metal Pay users:

  1. Open the Metal Pay app
  2. Scan the QR code displayed in the video stream
  3. Request $5 and put your answer in the payment memo
  4. The first request with the correct answer wins!
  5. You can only win cash prizes once!


Instructions for Steemit users:

  1. Keep this post open on Steemit
  2. Respond with your answer in the comments
  3. The first response with the correct answer will get an upvote from @Oracle-D!
  4. You can only win once!

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