Written by Logan

On July 2, 2020

Buy Bitcoin and TUSD for 0% Fees on Metal Pay

We’ve built Metal Pay from the ground up to be the world’s easiest and most accessible way to buy, sell, and use cryptocurrency. Part of this involves our cutting-edge UI/UX, our cash wallets, and our responsive Support Team. But to go one step further, we’ve decided to drop all fees for buying Bitcoin and TUSD.

The case for Bitcoin is simple: this is a fundamentally scarce, widely adopted cryptocurrency that jump-started the movement towards a better kind of money. With strict algorithms controlling its supply and production, a global user base, and name recognition around the world, Bitcoin is the best known cryptocurrency and most people’s first introduction to the world of crypto.

As we’ve outlined in our Metal University Crypto Profile about TUSD, this is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of the US Dollar at a 1:1 ratio. These types of cryptocurrencies are known as “stablecoins,” and they give investors a way to move money around the cryptocurrency space without having to convert their holdings back to fiat money.

With 0% fees for buying Bitcoin and TUSD, Metal Pay users can now enjoy a cheaper, easier way to accumulate crypto and start stacking some sats. Additionally, we continue to offer 0% fees for buying Metal (MTL) and Proton (XPR) – our revolutionary new cryptocurrency that seeks to reimagine how we think about finance, privacy, and security.

There’s never been an easier time to buy cryptocurrency than today. New to Metal Pay? Download us today from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and get started! Have questions about our app? Drop a line to our Support Team and let them work for you. As always, be sure to follow our social media accounts for the latest news and updates: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.

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