Written by Metal Team

On January 5, 2018

Bittrex and Metal

As the regulatory landscape in the United States around cryptocurrency changes, we are seeing new policies emerge. Today, Bittrex informed us that our token will be delisted from their exchange on Jan 12th. Metal is still available on multiple exchanges including Binance, and relisting on Bittrex post-Metal Pay launch is already on the table.

We are in uncharted territory, and we understand but do not take this as indicative of any judgment of an anticipated regulations-related issue. We are very confident in our business model as it relates to operating within the bounds of current and future stringent regulations. We also have a long standing relationship with Bittrex and look forward to working with them to be relisted post-Pay launch in the spring of 2018.

Internally, Metal is growing faster than ever, bringing on new amazing talent from some of the largest financial institutions and technology companies around the world. What happened today in the United States will have no effect on the pace at which we’re racing to abstract away the complexities of crypto for U.S. and global mainstream users. Our internal roadmap remains the same and we continue pushing forward harder than ever.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always run headfirst into any problems that may arise. Simultaneously, today was a tough day in a complicated market but ultimately very exciting as I know that we are moving forward with new regulations. I want to extend a big thank you to the community that has supported our project and believed in our vision, I plan to be more active and outspoken as we lead up to Pay launch. Most importantly, I couldn’t be more excited and passionate about the future of Metal, and I am beyond confident that we will prevail through dedicated passion, hard work, and execution.

Marshall Hayner
Metal CEO

Ps. If you’re looking for a great place to store, send and receive Metal please try the Metal Vault. When moving funds off of Bittrex we recommend using Metal Vault, please avoid moving from exchange to exchange as it may cause an error.

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