Written by Metal Team

On September 19, 2018

🤑 How it pays to use Metal Pay

Welcome! This article will explain how you can earn some of our cryptocurrency Metal (MTL) just for using Metal Pay. We’re going to cover two things that might be foreign to you now, but hopefully won’t be soon: Pop, and “Pop score”. Let’s get into it.

What is Pop?

Pop is the MTL reward that you receive when your transaction is processed inside of Metal Pay. Pop can also be a verb when used to describe the act of claiming Pop, like “Popping”, or “Pop it”.

During the creation of our cryptocurrency MTL, we set aside roughly 26.3 million of the 66.6 million total MTL tokens for distribution to Metal Pay users – AKA, You! Of this 26.3 million, we pass out up to 50 MTL every 10 minutes. At this rate, we can provide Pop rewards to you for at least the next 10 years!

How do I get Pop, and how long does it take to get it?

To be eligible for Pop, your payment or your sender’s payment must first be processed. Once we have Proof of a Processed Payment (P-o-P-P), we can award you and the sender some P-o-p (that’s how we came up with Pop!).

If you’re sending money or receiving money from a linked bank account, it may take a few business days for the payment to process, which means it could take a few days before you receive Pop. But don’t worry, all cash will still be transferred instantly in these cases.

On the other hand, if you’re sending or receiving money from a Cash balance inside of Metal Pay, the payment will process instantly provided that the necessary previous payment(s) used to fund the Cash balance have cleared. In this case, you’ll receive Pop within 10 minutes!

Oh, and did we mention your Cash balance is actually an FDIC-insured bank account? Your Cash balance is an FDIC-insured bank account. There, we said it. And by the way, that’s something many other p2p payments apps can’t say. Well maybe they could, but they’d be lying.

How much Pop can I get?

In this version of Metal Pay, all users are eligible to receive up to 5% back in Pop on each peer-to-peer cash transaction.

Why do we say “up to 5%”? Well, if the total processed transactions between all Metal Pay users within your 10-minute window would otherwise result in over 50 MTL being distributed, rewards are scaled down proportionally to 50 MTL. In other words, you may not get a full 5% back on each transaction, especially if your transaction was processed during a time with a large volume of transactions.

Pop score: AKA, how do I get more MTL

All good things must come to an end, and alas we can’t give “up to 5%” back to everyone forever. To this end, we will implement a mechanism called “Pop score” in a later version of Metal Pay, which influences how much Pop you can earn per transaction. A higher score means a higher maximum reward, up to 5%, while a very low score could mean earning nothing (0%).

If you’re looking for a way to prep for the future and get a boost the moment we implement Pop score, we recommend holding onto some (or all) of your MTL. Why? Because the amount of MTL you have inside of Metal Pay is one of the key factors that will increase your Pop score.

A word on the future of Pop

Although you can only Pop MTL in this version of Metal Pay, it won’t be that way forever. Through future partnerships with other businesses (both crypto and non crypto), our hope is that you will be able to Pop a wide variety of different assets, ranging from other cryptocurrencies to brand rewards. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll Pop some MTL and “Coffebucks Moons” for paying for your macchiato with Metal Pay. The possibilities are endless!

And that’s it! You now know all you need to know about how you earn MTL for using Metal Pay. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to read a more technical and comprehensive summary, check out this 3-part series about PoPP, Pop, and Pop scores on our blog:

Volume I
Volume II
Volume III

Still have questions? Reach out to us on social media or in our community-run Discord and Telegram channels.

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