Written by Metal Team

On August 28, 2019

πŸ“£ Metal Pay iOS Update 1.9.0 – Send Crypto P2P

A new Metal Pay update is here! Download Metal Pay 1.9.0 for iOS today.

Here’s what’s new:

🀘 Send and Receive crypto P2P: It’s here! You can now send and receive nearly all of our supported cryptocurrencies (TUSD excluded). For a list of available cryptocurrencies on Metal Pay, CLICK HERE.


🀘 New phone, who dis? (Email log in): Changed your phone number? No problem – you can now log in to Metal Pay via email! To take advantage of this feature, you will need to verify your email. If you haven’t done this yet, you’ll see an in-app banner reminding you to do so.


🀘 Screen Redesigns: We’ve redesigned the Welcome and Login screens to be lightweight, intuitive, and easy to navigate. You’ll also receive visual feedback via an animated Metal Pay logo when you return to the app.


Download Metal Pay 1.9.0 for iOS today.

πŸ‘€ Coming soon…

🀘 Charts. Charts are on deck! View coin marketcaps, rankings, and price (current and historical).

🀘 Android Alpha. We plan to begin the first phase of alpha testing by the end of the month. Thanks again for all of you who signed up to help test!

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