Written by Metal Team

On March 26, 2019

πŸ“£ Metal Pay iOS Update 1.7.0 – Faster, Smoother, Savvier

Download Metal Pay 1.7.0 for iOS today.

Here’s what’s new:

🀘 Bulletin Board: Looking for announcements or updates? The new in-app bulletin board notifies you whenever there’s a new message waiting.


🀘 Improved Speeds: We made the app even faster by improving connectivity, data lookup, and other things that’d bore you.

🀘 Wait Less: If you’re in an area where Metal Pay isn’t available yet, you can join our launch waitlist during sign-up.


🀘 Smooth Moves: Bug fixes and improvements to our networking code make the app feel even snappier.

🀘 Better Errors: We improved the error messaging that happens when things don’t go as planned in the app.

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