Written by Metal Team

On December 12, 2018

📣 Metal Pay iOS Update – Bank account linking with micro deposits

A new version of Metal Pay is here!
Download Metal Pay version 1.4.0 for iOS today at m.tl/pay

First, a reminder about our signup bonus.
Now through Dec. 14th, download and sign up for Metal Pay from m.tl/200 to receive a 200 MTL (~$50USD) bonus, on us. More info on this in our 200 App Store reviews blog.

Ok, with that out of the way…

Here’s what’s new:

🤘 Bank account linking with micro deposits. Until now, users could only link a bank account to Metal Pay by via Plaid. Plaid supports thousands of banks in the U.S — but not all of them. In the spirit of making Metal Pay even more accessible, we’ve given users a new way to link their bank: ACH verification. This method allows users to manually link their bank account by verifying the amounts of two micro deposits that we make to their bank.

For help linking your bank using this method, visit our ACH verification support page.


ACH Verification


🤘 Referral program improvements. Rewards earned from referrals are now visible on the ‘Payment History’ page. Also, we’ve added pop-ups for both new and existing users that provide information about our referral program.


Pop-up: Referral ‘Story’ added to Discover page



Pop-up: Eligibility for referral reward



Pop-up: Successful referral

🤘 Fixed an issue with in-app push notifications.

🤘 Performance and security updates.

👀 Coming soon…

You’re going to want to sit down for this, because it’s a big one. We anticipate that our next biweekly update will feature:

🤘 Multi-coin support. Yes, you read that right. The next version of Metal Pay will feature the ability to buy and sell cryprocurrencies other than Metal. Directly with USD, to and from your Cash balance inside of Metal Pay.


The cryptocurrencies that you will be able to buy and sell are: …a secret for now. 🙂

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