Written by Metal Team

On October 31, 2018

📣 Metal Pay iOS Update: 1.1.0

A new version of Metal Pay is here!
Download Metal Pay version 1.1.0 for iOS today at m.tl/pay

Here’s what’s new:

🤘 Let’s start with the big one. You can now purchase Metal directly from the app! Just tap on your Metal Card and press “Buy” to get started.


Buy Metal

Purchase Confirmation

Metal Balance

🤘 To celebrate our 1.1.0 release, we’re giving the app icon a new look. It sort of “Pops” out at you now!


Old Icon


New Icon

🤘 Fixed an issue that may occur when scrolling a popup.

🤘 Pending payments now have the proper status messaging in History.

🤘 Pop rewards are now correctly listed in chronological order.

🤘 Massive speed improvements throughout the app by optimizing our data fetching algorithms.

👀 Coming soon…

This week, we’re happy to share a taste of things to come. We anticipate that our next biweekly update will feature:

🤘 The ability to deposit USD.

First and foremost, allowing you to deposit USD makes it easier for you to buy MTL. But it also opens up the door for us to list multiple different cryptocurrencies for purchase inside of Metal Pay in the future. Keep in mind that as we list different currencies inside of Metal Pay, we will continue to showcase MTL front and center. MTL will remain the featured currency inside of the app and holding it will unlock special features including fee reductions for purchasing the other cryptocurrencies we list and more.

🤘 Referral rewards.

In our last update, we issued a soft rollout of a referral system. You can share Metal Pay with the people you care about by just tapping the “+” button in your contacts list. Within the few weeks we will retroactively credit a reward to all users who have signed up with or recruited others using a referral link. From that point on, the referral system will be featured in the Discover section of Metal Pay, making it easier to share your link and earn rewards.

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