Written by Metal Team

On August 8, 2018

💍 To Have and To Hodl? How Blockchain Will Change Dating

If you’re in the dating market, whether you’re looking for something casual or your soulmate, blockchain might be able to help change the way we date online.

Blockchain-powered dating apps could bring more transparency and honesty to online dating. That’d be nice, right?

Keep reading for that proposed solution. And, we didn’t mean to throw you off with the word proposed. We’re keeping things casual here.

🔬 Identity Verification:
A major problem the “Tinders” of the world have that blockchain could solve is identity verification. Using a blockchain-powered dating app, users could be more confident that the person on the other end is, in fact, who they say they are. This alone could be a major game changer. Although, it won’t help your actual game. That’s still on you. We can offer this tip though, lose the Crocs.

👀 What You See, is What You’ll Get:
Images on a blockchain-powered app could be verified using a timestamp so when you swipe on a 25-year-old hipster who breeds ferrets, you don’t meet up with 72-old-man who likes soup. Although between the two, maybe give the soup guy a chance.

The End of Flakes:
On the blockchain, users could also be incentivized for simply showing up to the date and punished for ghosting. For example, to ensure both parties show up on the date, each person could deposit tokens, like a dating escrow account.

If one party fails to show or ghosts, they would lose their tokens. If both parties show up, they could also be rewarded for a basic act of human decency, honoring a commitment and showing up. Something that anyone who has ever used a dating app knows, can be rare.

💒 Matching Algorithms:
New dating apps are already putting blockchain’s power to use toward matchmaking. Ponder, a very original concept, ditches the complex matching algorithms and relies on good old-fashioned matchmaking. You get to essentially play matchmaker. If a successful match is made, users who “set up” the pair, get $10. If the match results in a marriage, the matchmakers get $1,000. Um, soon we’re gonna be going by Dr.Love

Time will tell if the blockchain can change dating for the better but we are optimistic. We’ll know it’s arrived when blockchain can verify that a profile that has that Marilyn Monroe quote, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” isn’t going to be a nightmare, or that a dude with no mirror selfies won’t be a douche. Until that day comes, it’ll be exciting to see how it plays out.

Does dating need to be on the blockchain? Let us know on social media.

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