Written by Metal Team

On September 12, 2018

🍿 Pop & PoPP Specifics – Volume II

We at Metal understand that some of you are interested in learning more specifics about our unique distribution system called PoPP. This 3 post series is for you.

Before we dive in, we’d like to zoom out and remind you of our big picture goal. While it’s true that Metal is centralized now, our distribution model PoPP will not remain exclusive to Metal Pay, or even to Metal. Yes, Metal Pay will help introduce cryptocurrency to the masses in a customer-facing app like nothing the crypto world has seen. But Metal Pay also lets us at Metal test our PoPP distribution model and make adjustments as needed before we release the PoPP ruleset to the world in our own blockchain. The Metal Blockchain will allow other cryptocurrencies to build apps around the PoPP distribution model to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Okay, time to zoom back in. You’ve probably seen and heard us talking about Pop, the reward you get inside of Metal Pay that is distributed via PoPP. But how much can you get? How do you get more?

This post will focus on the actions that will raise or lower your Pop score. We’re going to assume you’ve read Volume I first, so if any of this is confusing to you, please take a look at Volume I.

If you don’t want to read Volume I, the TL;DR is that you want to get a high Pop score, since your Pop score influences how much MTL you can receive in Pop. How does your score change? Let’s get into it.

Things that will improve your Pop score


1. Your network effect

  • Bringing on new users to Metal Pay
  • Making transactions with a large network of different people
  • Making transactions more frequently

NOTE: When we say “more frequently”, we’re talking daily at best – we’re not going to reward you with a higher Pop score for sending your friend $1 every minute for 10 minutes when you could have just sent them $10.

2. Your savings behavior

  • Increasing your Cash balance in Metal Pay over time
  • The total amount of Cash you hold within Metal Pay
  • Increasing your MTL balance in Metal Pay over time
  • The total amount of MTL you hold within Metal Pay

NOTE: Purchasing MTL inside of Metal Pay is a quick way to increase your Pop score as it would check off 2 of the boxes above. Same for depositing Cash.

3. Your credit worthiness

No, we’re not talking about your FICO score. We have our own system of calculating creditworthiness, including:

  • Having a high percentage of transactions clear your bank account
  • Keeping the same bank account linked to your account month-to-month
  • Consistently making regular weekly or monthly payments (we will build out an automatic payments system to support this later).

Things that could potentially hurt your Pop score (don’t do these!)


1. Quickly selling the MTL you receive from PoPP.

2. Making fraudulent transactions.

3. Attempting to abuse the PoPP distribution system.

NOTE: We reserve the right to suspend your ability to receive Pop indefinitely and/or suspend your account depending on the severity of the case(s).

The exact quantitative impacts that these rules have on your Pop score will not be displayed inside of Metal Pay, but will be made publicly available when we launch our own blockchain.

To break it down in simple terms, you help us – we help you. You help us grow the Metal Pay network and save up MTL, we reward you with a higher Pop score, which allows you to earn more MTL!

And that’s it for Volume II! Stay tuned for Volume III tomorrow, where we will explain how Pop scoring will work, both in the launch version and future version(s) of Metal Pay.

Have more questions? Reach out to us on social media or in our community-run Discord and Telegram channels.

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