Metal X Closed Beta is now Live!

Our vision at Metal has always been to create an ecosystem for everyday people to learn about, use, and have fun with cryptocurrency. We think that cryptocurrency is better when more people can participate, which is why we’ve created all of our products to be radically user-friendly.

This vision started with Metal Pay, which was built to be the easiest on-ramp to cryptocurrency. Through Metal Pay, our users gained access to an FDIC-insured cash account, a way to buy and sell over 30 different cryptocurrencies, and a way to send crypto to friends.

Metal X is the next step in this progression. On this platform, users will encounter the full cryptocurrency trading experience, designed with the Metal difference you’ve come to expect.

We’re thrilled to announce that Metal X Beta is now accepting signups from the waitlist users in the US and EU! Please check your emails for instructions and description of capabilities. We will open the doors for an official launch in the following weeks with the help of our Beta testers. Missed the waitlist for Beta? No worries, you can still sign-up for announcement of Metal X official launch here.

Every part of this site was intuitively designed to give you fewer headaches and more confidence. Let’s go over the features below:

Unique trading fee structure

In general: the more you trade, the less you pay. However, for the first month of our launch, we’re offering our lowest trading fee tier to all users who signed up early. That means Maker fees of -0.035%, and Taker fees of 0.05%. We hope you take advantage of that unique rate and place some orders you’ve been waiting to fill.

Shared order books

Metal X will only have one domain for all of its users. Users from different territories will be able to share the same order books on the same exchange/domain. We strongly believe that having shared order books are critical for enhancing liquidity. In the near future, when Metal X becomes available for international markets, we intend to continue using shared order books.

Types of available trading orders

Quick buys and sells (quickly execute market orders on the markets page)
Market orders
Limit orders
Stop Limit orders
Stop Market orders

Basic and advanced interfaces


Whatever your experience level, we've got you covered! Our basic interface (above) offers you a clean and simple layout. You won’t be overwhelmed by excess amounts of information. The advanced interface (below) offers to do more detailed technical analysis. Advanced users will have access to all of the drawing tools and technical indicators they are familiar with.


TradingView charts

We partnered with TradingView to offer our users an in-depth technical analysis tool. Now you have all the bells and whistles you can find on TradingView right on Metal X.

Available assets

Metal X supports the following digital assets to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw: MTL, XPR, BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC, EOS, BSV. These assets will be tradeable across two pairs: BTC and USDT. More coins and pairs will be added progressively.

Live Chat Support


Enjoy live chat support on Metal X! Our support team is dedicated to answering all your questions, assisting you with any issue you may encounter on the live support chat application that you can find on every Metal X page on the bottom right corner. Our support team is available every week day from 6 AM to 12 AM PST.

How-to videos and articles on Metal X are readily available in the chat application as well to help you walk through every part of our exchange.

Additionally, we have a Metal X support center with all the Metal X FAQ’s and the ability to open support tickets. Visit the Metal X support center here.

Metal University

You’ll also find Metal University hosted on this site, our new approach to teaching the masses about cryptocurrency. We understand that many of the concepts that are central to cryptocurrency have seemed confusing and convoluted, which is why we’re doing whatever we can to break it down in a way that’s useful and easy to understand.

Take your time to look around our new exchange. We spent countless hours preparing it just for you, and we’ll continue to make it more agile, more capable, and more powerful every chance we get.

Start trading on Metal X now.

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The Metal Team