📣 UPDATE For iOS Alpha Testers!

👋 Meet Ephraim Russo, Metal's Senior iOS engineer!

He's got an update for all of our Metal Pay Alpha testers, that you don't want to miss. (Not an Alpha tester yet? Get on it!)


First up: Please delete your existing copy of Metal Pay QA before installing this update.

Once you have deleted the old Alpha, download the new one in TestFlight.

🤓What's Changed in this Update:

  • Fixed an issue where text was cut off on page 2 of the welcome tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue where lengthy bank names were cut off within bank cards.

  • Fixed an issue where new payment cards were too small on iPhone 5S, SE, 6, 7 and 8.

  • You can now dismiss card popups using a quick-flick downwards.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping anywhere on an empty search wouldn't dismiss the keyboard.

  • Tapping return key while entering a payment message now properly dismisses the keyboard.

  • Fixed an issue where accepting a payment request on iPhone 5S, SE didn't use the correct network spinner color.

  • Fixed an issue where Cash and Metal cards would disappear when tapped while making a payment.

  • The forgot password flow no longer infinitely hangs.

  • Fixed an issue where line items in History would freeze when tapped.

  • Withdraw Cash to Bank has been re-enabled. Exchange Metal to Cash is still under maintenance.

🧐What We're Working On:

Thanks to your feedback and the team's hard work, we are closer than ever to achieving our MVP feature parity along with internal tests of Production servers (that means real money and real PoPP!) Here's what to expect:

  • Weekly updates via TestFlight each Wednesday. From now on, we'll be pushing out consistent updates with bug fixes, improvements, and new features based on the incredible feedback we receive.

  • More details about the whys and hows about PoPP, like showing the payments associated with PoPP and even showing a dedicated history of your total PoPP rewards.

  • A Discover section that's sure to impress. Be prepared for awesome how-tos, insightful articles, and even some interactive content as well.

😍Why Alpha Testing is So Important to Us:

"Every time we feel confident we've squashed "all the bugs" our alpha testers remind us of how there's always some crazy thing we've missed (drag and drop payment message into payment amount). Our alpha testers have helped us by trying every possible way to break things, so that we catch them early and release updates that make the experience better and better." - Ephraim

Sign up for Metal Pay Alpha here. We'd love to have you!