📣 Metal Pay Alpha iOS Update: TestFlight Version 32 is here!

Metalheads - we have a new Metal Pay Alpha iOS update for you: TestFlight Version 32!

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First, our usual PSA:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must delete your existing copy of Metal Pay QS before installing this update (and all others!)

And now, the good stuff!

What’s Changed

🤘 Pop is back online! Make payments and get Poppin!

🤘 The Withdraw Cash section has gotten an overhaul to make it easier and cleaner to send Cash to Bank. All withdrawal line items will appear in this new section, just tap the “Cash” card on the Main screen.

🤘 In-app web links now present the native Safari web interface to feel cleaner and faster.

🤘 Analytics have been integrated with major platforms for key events.

🤘 Fixed an issue where users could press “back” during onboarding inappropriately.

🤘 Fixed an issue where the 24-hour price movement arrow wasn’t displaying properly.

🤘 Fixed an issue where multiple Payment Reminders would improperly be displayed.

🤘 Fixed an issue during animation when tapping a Contact.

🤘 Fixed an issue when displaying Metal amounts in History.

🤘 Fixed an issue where paid Contacts didn’t show up in History.

What We’re Working On

🤘 A Discover section that's sure to impress. Awesome how-tos, insightful articles, and some interactive content as well. We’re filming this content now!

🤘 Improvements that will let you see all of your Metal and Pop-related information in one place and at a glance!

As always, thank you all for your feedback and patience. We strive for quality in every release and take all of your input very seriously.