Introducing the Metal PoPP Initiative for Small Business

As we prepare for launch of PoPP (Proof-of-Processed-Payment) on Metal Pay, we think it's incredibly important to give support and a head start to the small businesses that believe in the Metal project.

To this end, we're launching our Metal PoPP Initiative for Small Business. If you're a small business interested in becoming an early adopter of new technology then please read more and sign up below.

For the first 100 businesses that sign up they will be entitled to up to $5,000 per month of MTL to be given to their customers when making purchases. We believe this is fantastic way to kick off use of Metal Vault Alpha and incentivize local adoption.

Metal PoPP Initiative eligible businesses are limited in quantity by the following cities:

  • 50 Businesses for San Francisco, CA
  • 15 Businesses for Los Angeles, CA
  • 15 Businesses for New York, NY
  • 20 Businesses for The World

Join us on our mission and sign up to get started. Together, we build the tribe.

Marshall Hayner
CEO of Metal