Happy HODLdays 2018 Referral Program Update

Metal Community,

We knew you liked free crypto - but even this one surprised us!

We underestimated the community interest in our Metal Pay Happy HODLdays $25 referral promotion campaign, and are nearing the maximum amount of HODLdays cash we had set aside for this limited time offer. As a result, we will be suspending the $25 referral program early, on December 24th at 11:59:59 PM PST. We will honor all referrals made before midnight, even if the referral credit does not arrive before midnight. Our normal $10 referral program will resume on December 25th.

This Happy HODLdays referral program has been a huge success! During the campaign, we saw an incredible spike in users, and are pleased to announce that we obtained 6,000 new users in the past week. Our App Store ranking also climbed tremendously, and as of this writing Metal Pay is Rank #14 in the Finance app category!

Rank #14!

Of course, referrals aren't the only way to make free crypto on Metal Pay. You can always earn up to 5% back in crypto just from making and receiving Cash payments, and we're looking forward to seeing all of our new users Popping into the new year!

Happy HODLdays from your friends at Metal Pay!

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