ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now accepting 18 coins

We’re excited to announce that we now host 18 other cryptocurrencies on our platform, with more coins being added frequently. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats – so we wanted to allow you to buy, sell, and trade as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

We believe in the crypto community as a whole, so we’re eager to help other crypto projects grow and succeed alongside us. This is a stark contrast to Facebook’s Libra, which is focused on crushing and absorbing all competing cryptocurrencies. We know that complementary competition makes us better, and that a decentralized future depends on other cryptocurrencies to thrive with us.

Our new coin today is TUSD – a stablecoin that offers a safer option for investors just stepping into the world of cryptocurrency. We’re excited that our users are able to trade this coin on our platform, and we hope that you are too. As always, performing transactions using MTL will offer you the lowest fees, and even added occasional bonuses, too.

Stay tuned as we announce more cryptocurrencies on our platform – we’re quickly building Metal Pay into the premier cryptocurrency trading platform.

Here are the coins we currently offer:

  1. Basic Attention Token - BAT
  2. Binance Coin - BNB
  3. Bitcoin - BTC
  4. Dogecoin - DOGE
  5. EOS - EOS
  6. Ethereum - ETH
  7. Litecoin - LTC
  8. XRP - XRP
  9. Steem - STEEM
  10. TrueUSD - TUSD
  11. VeChain - VET
  12. Zcash - ZEC
  13. Ox - ZRX
  14. Bitcoin Cash ABC - BCH
  15. Dash - DASH
  16. Monero - XMR
  17. Stellar - XLM
  18. Waves - WAVES

And of course Metal - MTL!